All the strategies in the business boil down to this: regardless of what company you’re with, what product you promote or what leader you ask: you must duplicate yourself.

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Quotations about the nature of duplication.

"What's the secret to effective duplication?"
A panel of four guest editors ponder the question, “What’s the secret to effective duplication?”

Focusing in Uncertain Times
Gary Ryan Blair
Blair offers seven strategies for coping with uncertainty: focus on others; focus on relationships; focus on value; focus on opportunities; focus on progress; focus on today; and focus on gratitude.

Emergency Insurance
Shannon Anima
Sitting in an emergency room with her 14-year-old daughter exhausted and frightened on her lap, networker Shannon Anima is brought face-to-face with the immediate human value of residual income.

Be Do Have
Dave Saunders
Saunders had heard the slogan-like advice before, and it was a mantra that he didn’t particularly want to hear. But this time, he decided to pay attention, and ended up learning something essential about the business: it’s not the strategies and actions, but the person behind them that makes the difference.

Edit Your Life Story
David Krueger, M.D.
In this third excerpt from his book, Live a New Life Story: The Essentials of Change, Reinvention, and Personal Success, Dr. Krueger illustrates how powerfully our assumptions color our reality, and walks us through a checklist of inquiries to help start the process of creating new assumptions.

Are You Leaking Money?
Teresa Romain
Even if you’re driving a gorgeous new Porsche, you won’t get far with a flat tire. So saying, abundance expert Romain explores the nature of the “flat tires” that can occur on our business vehicles.

Changing Your Success Blueprint
T. Harv Eker is author of the best-selling Secrets of the Millionaire Mind and creator of the wildly popular program, “The Millionaire Mind Intensive.” Among his following are a significant contingent of network marketers: Eker says entire downlines attend the program. We spoke with Harv to find out what has networkers in such a rave about his “millionaire mind” ideas, and he had some fascinating things to say about duplication.

The Evolution of a Profession
In the days when there were no “generic” tools worth mentioning, Dave Stewart created a little brochure that changed the face of the business. One of the most experienced leaders in our profession, David has: started multinational networking companies, served as CEO for others, and built huge distributor organizations. He directs one of the longest-running tools and training businesses in the business. In this fascinating interview, David talks about how far our profession has come over the years, and what it needs to continue.

Philanthropy at Work
As owner-President and Chief Executive of a 35-year-old networking company, Charles W. Herbster and Lamar Eby were involved in some strategic planning when they felt called by their own core values to take the company to a new place. They teamed up with Habitat for Humanity to create a vehicle for their IBOs for some genuinely hands-on charitable work, and have been both gratified and stunned at how successful the project has been.

Excellence, Education, Leadership
For 25 years, Devin and Maria Whitworth worked hard on the advertising and marketing firm they had built around the values of relationship and honesty. Just a few years ago, they agreed to help out a friend who was evaluating a brand new networking company. Much to their surprise, they soon found themselves not only in and active, but stepping into role after role as trainers, support providers, leaders and pioneers within the company.

A Reality Made of Dreams
Ron Reid abandoned a lucrative lifestyle serving a clientele of celebrities through his Beverly Hills jewelry store for the simple rural life. The new life was idyllic—but soon financial realities came knocking. Through network marketing, Ron found a way to have the best of both worlds.

More Than Skin Care
Terri Wood’s home business was moving along at a comfortable clip, when Terri decided to dip her toes in the water of “normal” employment and apply for work in the conventional job market—and it was an experience that opened her eyes to the true value of her home-based business.

Looking Within When I React
Marian Head
It’s easy to blame others when times are tough. But how much more power and creativity we gain if instead, we look within. Networkers tell how looking within help them to cope with the death of a loved one, a resistant marketplace, and the everyday whines and complaints of life.

Be Alert: Heaven Can’t Wait
Brian Biro
In this conclusion to his four-part series, coach and author Biro recalls an extraordinary experience in college, when he was assigned to observe a preschool child for eleven weeks: no interaction, just pure observation. What he saw changed his life.

Why You Need to Seek Out the Top Five Percent
Steve Siebold
Why pursue prospecting methods that are guaranteed to bring you those people least likely to rise to leadership in your business? Siebold offers seven strategies for finding what he terms “world-class” prospects.

More Fun = More Bookings
Karen Phelps
Second of two parts: Party plan master Karen Phelps walks the reader through four critical steps to making home parties a relaxing, entertaining and enjoyable experience for all involved. Doing so not only makes them more fun for the host, says Phelps: it also is the key to their business success.

Systems Lead to Success
Bob Burg
We all know that finding a proven path, a system for success, and then following the system, is crucial for success, right? Right, says Burg, except then we don’t do it. And the reason we don’t is this thing called human nature.

Are You A Happy Networker?
Hilton Johnson
“Being a good leader and coach is much more than achieving business success. It’s about living a happy, balanced and controlled life as well,” says Johnson, and he offers a series of “energy-unsapping” exercises designed to eliminate “energy-sappers” from our lives.

“Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics”
John David Mann
You know about the research that shows that only seven percent of our communication is through our words, and the rest is non-verbal? Well, read my lips, says Editor in Chief Mann: it’s a bogus claim—one of many that networkers slavishly repeat, to the detriment of credibility.