At 17, Ron Reid started an entrepreneurial journey to discover how he wanted to make his living and live his life. He sold vitamins door-to-door. (“Not a lucrative venture,” Ron observes), then at 19, opened a tiny art gallery in Laguna Beach, California (“That wasn’t lucrative either,” he chuckles, “but at least it was fun!”)

During a trip abroad with his girlfriend, Ron discovered African trade beads. Their magic led him through a series of ventures, starting with a small handicraft shop and ending in Beverly Hills with an exclusive jewelry store that put him in the fast lane.

“At 22 years old, I was one of the biggest bead dealers in California,” says Ron. “I pierced the ears of a lot of famous people.” Celebrities like Joan Collins, Fleetwood Mac, Earth Wind and Fire, Joanne Woodward, Neil Diamond and Cher frequented Ron’s jewelry store.

With a home in Laurel Canyon and 12 classic cars, Ron began living the lifestyle of the rich and famous, but soon found material wealth unfulfilling and sought out a quieter, more spiritually satisfying life. His new quest took him first to Carmel and then to the San Juan islands.

“We made a conscious choice to live a simpler lifestyle,” says Ron. With his life partner, Linda, and two daughters, Aria and Paris (then two and four), he decided to move to the country.

“We built our own cabin, with our neighbors’ help, and lived totally on alternative energy,” he says. In contrast with his fast-lane days, he and Linda would canoe the girls to school in the wetter winter months. It was a romantic existence—but the time eventually came when Ron knew they didn’t have the funds to live out the rest of their lives there in their idyllic hideaway.


From One Dream to Another

“I knew I had to do something to generate income,” recalls Ron. “But what? We were out in the middle of nowhere?” He began to investigate network marketing—“and we hit the jackpot.” They were soon introduced to a new company that would go on to become a great success.

“We came to understand the beauty of this thing called momentum. We also learned the value of being in the right place at the right time with the right people. Linda and I worked that company hard for a few years—and it’s still paying us very well nine years later—the beauty of residual income!”

Several years later, Ron and Linda made a careful decision to move their attentions to a different company; that decision proved equally fruitful. Says Ron, “We’ve been very fortunate to be able to attract one of the most outrageous teams I’ve ever seen assembled in network marketing.”

Although they still have their cabin, they’ve now built a new home on some additional acreage they acquired; the window in Ron’s office looks out onto 20 acres of pasture surrounded by tall evergreens. Fresh organic fruits and vegetables grow in their huge garden, greenhouse and orchard; the meat they eat is raised naturally by their neighbor. His daughters, now 16 and 18, graze their horses on the front lawn.


To Change the World

Now one of the top income earners in his company, Ron reflects on what motivates him the most about his chosen networking career.

“No doubt about it: the money is good and the lifestyle is superb—but my sandbox is bigger than that. What really motivates me about network marketing is the possibility of making a difference and helping to change the world.

“There’s a saying I’ve always loved by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi: ‘The greenness of the forest depends upon the greenness of each tree.’ Network marketing is reaching out and touching one life at a time. Through the process of duplication, we touch many lives, and many trees turn green again. Through duplication, our individual efforts have an impact on multitudes. This profession represents the greatest vehicle I know of for change and transformation, on both the personal and the societal level.”

Ron’s passion for the potential for good in individuals’ lives and in the world is apparent as he shares how network marketing plays a key role in bringing out the best in people.

“Network marketing is creating a culture that is different from ‘business as usual.’ Our success is predicated on working together in a collective spirit that’s sincerely interested in the accomplishments and dreams of others. That process generates a very enriching and rewarding experience.”

Ron points out that network marketing is leading the way from the sickness paradigm to the wellness revolution, resulting in more people taking responsibility for their health. In the same way, he sees network marketing as a potent force in changing other traditional paradigms that have kept our society from living up to its fullest potential.

“This business is all about working with people to create new possibilities—about how we perceive and think about money, passion, commitment, relationships. It’s a living, learning program that puts into action the work of the greatest thinkers in finance and personal success, such as Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich.

“Our world has gotten stuck in paradigms that have subverted the Golden Rule into, ‘The one with the most gold wins!’ ” says Ron. “In network marketing, we right that rule and take it even one step further: ‘Do unto others as they would have us do unto them!’ We learn to listen, really listen to what serves the other; to facilitate, to share what we know, to mentor, to coach.”

Ron encourages everyone to see the extraordinary hit independent film What the Bleep Do We Know? ( to learn what cutting-edge science has to say about how we create our own reality and success.

“Our thinking and our attitude have everything to do with the reality we create for ourselves,” says Ron. “Science shows us how as network marketers we foster healthy attitudes—and those attitudes can both change our own personal realities and literally change the world.”