Far too often, abundance is equated with more: more money, more time, more freedom, more success, more travel and vacation and material possessions, more energy. After all, if scarcity means not enough, then the obvious solution to scarcity is more!

While having more of these things may be one aspect of abundance, a constant emphasis on more actually creates a scarcity trap for many networkers and entrepreneurs. Consciously and subconsciously, we begin thinking that the path to freedom and abundance is a path of doing and having more—especially more money.

In reality, however, becoming financially abundant is a function of how much money you keep, and not just how much you make.

Imagine this scenario: You’re driving a high-powered sports car, let’s say a Porsche, down the road and you run over an object that punctures one of your tires.

You don’t have time to change the tire, so you pull over, get out and start pumping air into the punctured tire. When nothing happens, you pump faster. Nothing changes. No matter how hard, fast or long you pump air, your fast and powerful sports car won’t take you anywhere quickly until you fix the hole.

Your business is a powerful vehicle that can transport you to greater levels of freedom, wealth and abundance. However, if this vehicle has a flat tire, if won’t matter how hard, fast or long you work. Until you fix the hole, whatever the hole is, your financial success and abundance will be slowed or completely stopped.

What is the hole in the tire? It’s debt, both business and personal. Even if you work harder and faster, making more and more money, you’ll not be able to quickly and easily achieve financial freedom and abundance if your money is leaking out through the hole of debt.

Ironically, it is often the predominant focus on doing and having more that leads networkers to go into debt—sometimes deeply into debt—even while they build their businesses, or even in the pursuit of building their businesses.

If you think that you have to “spend money to make money,” you may be spending more than is really necessary to build your business. If you think your business isn’t big enough or growing fast enough, you may spend more money and time on it and accumulate debt in the process. Unfortunately, instead of speeding up your results, the accumulation of debt slows them down…just as the flat tire stopped the Porsche.

In many ways, the pathway to freedom and abundance is often not a function of more, but one of less. When you have less expenses and less debt (or no debt), you will have more money, time and freedom.

Consider this example:

John, a networker, is earning $5000 a month. He has monthly mortgage, car and credit card payments totaling $3000. Beth, another direct seller, is earning $3000 a month, but has no debt. Who is experiencing more freedom and abundance?

Or this one:

If you have a $150,000 30-year mortgage and $23,500 in other debt, you could be completely debt-free (mortgage and all) in just seven years if you had an additional $1000 in pure profit residual coming in monthly from your business. Having paid off those debts, you could then create investments exceeding $2 million (generating a monthly passive income of $15,000 or more) in the time it would normally take to finish paying off that mortgage.

With as little as $1000 monthly profit from your business, you would become financially free!

Of course, if you view a monthly check of $1000 as “not enough,” the chances of that happening are slim: that viewpoint would probably keep you in a never-ending cycle of scarcity. In your quest for more, you might spend more time, money and energy but wind up with less of those same things! After all, you can’t pump up a tire until you plug its leak.

How can you begin to plug the money leak in your life?

First of all, remember that true wealth is not simply a function of how much money you earn, it’s a function of how much money you earn and keep. With that in mind, review your financial picture and begin to get clarity on your income, your expenses, and current debt. It is impossible to get where you want to go if you don’t know your starting point.

As you do so, remember the following:


Depending on how you see these letters, it says either “I am nowhere,” or, “I am now here.” Instead of negatively judging where you are today (“I am nowhere”), drop your judgment and just look at it honestly. (“I am now here”). Then determine—and take!—your next step.

If you’re leaking money, begin to take actions to repair your financial hole. Simplify your business and lifestyle. Reduce your expenses, temporarily. Keep in mind the words of artist Magaly Rodriquez who writes:

“Creativity is not being able to use every color in the spectrum. It’s about having only two colors, and making miracles with them. Art is discovered by restrictions. Use restrictions as an impulse to creativity.”

Use whatever your current financial restrictions as an impulse to creativity, freedom and abundance!

If you’re willing to do what is needed to stop the money leak of debt, you’ll quickly access new levels of freedom and abundance with greater ease than you ever could with a flat tire!


TERESA ROMAIN is founder of Access Abundance,
an organization dedicated to helping people access greater levels of
abundance, freedom and fulfillment in their daily lives.
She lives with her husband, Dan, in the small town of Baraboo, Wisconsin.