I reached a point where I had done well, but had hit a plateau. I wanted more. I wanted to build my business more successfully, and I wanted to continue growing. I asked a trusted mentor what to do.

His response: ďBe Do Have.Ē

I had heard this before. In fact, I think I had heard it from more than one person. And it wasnít the response I was looking for. I wanted to know what to do!

I wanted him to tell me what to do so I could go work hard and create explosive growth in my business. I was willing to work hardóreally hard. In fact, I was willing to work harder and do more than anyone else. Isnít that how itís supposed to work?

I decided to take a breath and be a bit more receptive.

ďOkay,Ē I said, ďtell me how Be Do Have is going to build my business. Although the truth is, what I really want to know is just what to Do


Itís Not About the Doing...

As he explained to me the reality of Be Do Have, the clouds finally began to part. I started to see the real difference between people who are successful in this business and those who struggle to even get started.

So many people Do the same things to build a business. Iíve tried many of them myself. I may have even tried all of them myself. If thereís a reaching out method to Do, Iíve probably Done it. (The truth is, in this business there really arenít that many different things we can Do.)

Some people Do these things and seem to have all they dream of. Others Do these same things and seem to get nowhere. Clearly, no one is born knowing how to sell or market better than anyone else. Iíve seen people start out doing badly and then, inexplicably, get a fire under their businesses and rocket to the top. Why?

If everyone is Doing the same basic things, thereís only one factor that separates those with the results they expect and those without: not the Do but the Be. People who focus on their own Be certainly Do the things that get them what they want to Have. But the real difference, in those who focus on their Be, is the invisible power behind the Do.

Any baseball player can hit, throw and catch. There arenít many other things to Do in that sport. The options for Do are limited. The best baseball players simply take that limited portfolio of things they can Do and put magic into it through the power of their Be.


Getting Clear on the Being...

Sammy Sosaís focus was to Be a Home Run King. He would swing hard, and skillfully, at nearly everything that came his way. He didnít care that he was also a Strike-out King. His passion and energy was focused behind wanting to Be the Home Run King. It seems his Be and Do were very much in alignment, because what does he Have? He has the title of Home Run King.

What do you want to Be?

Focusing on your Be is more than just setting goals. Your Be includes your attitude and beliefs, your mindset, your intentions, your core values and perspective and then finally your goals. Wanting X dollars a month just isnít enough; thatís only a Have, not a Be. You must want to Be something, too. Ask yourself questions about why you want certain things. Why do you want X dollars a month, and what will you Be when you have it? Itís through this process alone that we truly develop ourselves and finally Have all those things we desire.

Your Be must be clear. Think of a treasure map where you are waiting for yourself at the X that marks the spot of all those things you want for yourself and others. Itís working on your Be that will move you closer to your treasure. If you were on an island looking for a real treasure, would you worry about whether you should step, run, skip or crawl to the treasure? Or would your focus Be on where the treasure is? If you found a pit full of snakes along the way, you would jump over it. Your Be is the treasure, not the pit. The Do simply happens when your Be is in clear focus.


An Engineerís Perspective

I have an engineering background. As engineers, we are taught that design is critical before implementation. It only recently occurred to me that this is Be Do Have in action.

Have you ever heard the expression, ďIf you want a better world, build a better you?Ē Thatís Be Do Have again. Gandhi famously said, ďYou must be the change you wish to see in the world.Ē Another Be Do Have. It pops up everywhere; itís a universal truth.

Itís amazing what you can see when the clouds finally part.

Iím still learning. I know my mentor is too. He seems to be ready to teach this to anyone who will listen. He knows who he is and I figure the only way I can thank him enough is to teach anyone who will listen to me. After all, that comes from my own Be.


DAVE SAUNDERS is a certified nutritional
educator, wellness coach and author.