The key to the power and effectiveness of network marketing is that it is so simple, anyone can duplicate the process: 1) use the product; 2) share the product, and 3) find others who will do the same. For most people it’s the third step where the process breaks down.

To be successful here, it’s vital that you use and teach simple steps over and over, creating a replicating cycle.

Whether you contact your prospects by phone or e-mail, use a core script (copied from a successful person upline), which you can personalize with your opening comments. Set aside enough time to make a series of contacts: that builds confidence. With your closing comments, always direct your prospects to the intended goal: click on the link to the specific web page you want them to read, call the prerecorded overview call, or review the material you’ll be sending.

Next step: provide your prospects with a business briefing (from your upline or the company): a one- to two-page introduction to your business designed to pique the newcomer’s interest. This might touch on the growth of the network marketing profession, your company’s history and mission, the unique opportunity it offers, the key players, the unique product or service, and a general sense of how representatives are compensated.

People today don’t want to leave the comfort of their homes. Thus, you then invite those interested to call and listen to a business presentation, via Internet or teleconference, by upline who are experienced at making such presentations. Your role is simply to set the appointment and speak with your prospects afterward to learn their level of interest.

If they like what they’ve heard and are ready to join you, it’s time to sign them up. If they still have questions, you can invite them to stay on the line and join you in a three-way call, where you let someone more experienced take over; or (if they’re local) invite them to your home for a business presentation meeting; or (if they’re long-distance) offer to send them an audio or video followed by a phone call to see if this answered their questions.

Now you’re ready to help your prospects determine what level of commitment they would like to make to this business: full-time or part-time business builder; retailing distributor who simply sells the products; preferred customer (who buys product directly from the company at a discount); or retail customer (who buys product directly from you). If they turn down all those options, then ask for referrals of others who might be interested.

When someone joins you in your business, you begin them on the same cycle.

It is that simple. And the more you create a business that can be duplicated that easily, the more success you will experience.

RENE REID YARNELL is coauthor of
Your First Year in Network Marketing
and author of The New Entrepreneurs.