Duplication in your business will always happen over time, whether you like it or not! Whatever it is you do consistently, over time—whether good or bad, productive or unproductive—is what your downline organization will do. If you keep doing all of the right things and you always stick to the basics, eventually so will your team, and your business will flourish. If you are inconsistent, if you stray from the proven basics, if you stop leading by good example, then you will be leading by bad example—and that will duplicate, too, and will destroy any momentum you may have gotten going.

Network marketing success requires momentum. Momentum is duplication continued consistently. So here’s all you need to do: listen to the successful masters; decide to stick to the simple, proven philosophies and actions that work; and commit to never deviating. Keep doing that same thing day after day, year after year, until you are earning what you wish.

There is nothing wrong with being creative, so long as you are simply trying to make the mundane basics exciting. Never try to alter the basics: this will duplicate, halting momentum in its tracks!

Everyone knows we want to duplicate, but what exactly is it we’re seeking to duplicate? Everything! Not just the how-tos. You want to be the ultimate, superhero network marketer, doing everything as right as possible—and clone yourself into thousands of you.

So, what do you want to duplicate?

Enthusiasm; positive attitude; concern for others; self-drive; strong work ethic; system dependency; edification; focus on production; activities that create the best results; staying in phase one (not in “management mode”)…

If you strive to be the best and, most importantly, do so consistently—duplication will happen. You just can’t falter. If you’re asking your team to do things you are not doing, they will know it. You cannot make two calls a week and ask them for ten. You can never give your team reason to view you as a hypocrite. Always do what you want your team to do.

Simply doing what you want them to do, though, is not enough: you need to drive duplication. Teach everything you do to your first-level team member, then the two of you together teach the second-level person, driving it down level after level so that everyone learns to operate on the same page. This is called “building a team culture.”

Such a culture will foster further duplication, and duplication will further build the culture. But it all starts with you being and doing first.


BRIAN CARRUTHERS is a full-time networker who left
a lucrative career in real estate for an even more
lucrative career in network marketing.