David Bach
I believe this [Lead Story, Mar/Apr 2005]is the most down-to-earth realistic approach to financial freedom I have ever heard. I started in network marketing in 1990 and have earned from $0 to $6700 per month with nothing to show for it because I did not have this advice. Thank you very much!
óDel David


Our No-Company-Names Policy
I just signed up with your web site after reading a copy of Networking Times. I enjoyed reading the magazine but was surprised by one thing. In each of the articles there is no mention of the name of the company the author works with or owns himself. I am very interested in network marketing organizations and would find it helpful to know about companies I can consider joining. It is odd to me that there is no company information available when you read a story about a very successful person in an article.

How do I find out about network marketing companies? Is there a resource for this or a list of contacts? Is there someone I can talk to?
—Michael Adams

It’s a great question. Actually, it’s two great questions: 1) why don’t we mention company names or give company information, and 2) how can you get this information?

First, we made a very conscious and specific editorial choice when we launched
Networking Times in early 2002, to make our pages completely “endorsement-free,” which meant taking no ads from individual network marketers or network marketing companies, and making no mention of specific company names or supplying company information.

This seemingly radical decision was in response to a flood tide of reader requests we’d heard over the years in connection with many other network marketing-related publications. The sentiment in the network marketing community was that it is a slippery slope, from articles lauding the stories of specific companies to periodicals so jammed with promotional material they become essentially glorified classified ad vehicles (which is how many other journals in our profession are often described).
As with every choice, there are pros and cons. There are so many companies doing terrific jobs out there, and we would love to applaud them more specifically. But the response to our “promo-free zone” policy has been so overwhelmingly positive, it’s been clear to us that this was the right choice.

Now, your other question. First off, if there is any specific person or group we write about with whom you’d like to get in touch, just send us the request and we’ll send it on. Also, a good source of information is the Direct Selling Association (www.dsa.org). Their membership criteria are fairly stringent and in themselves offer you a good level of consumer protection.

Love Letters
Where were you guys 10 years ago? I’ve been fumbling around with this MLM industry it seems like forever. This training is so needed throughout the whole MLM industry. 
—Ted Charnstrom

Thanks for creating Networking Times and the Networking University! I discovered your journal by accident in the midst of hundreds of magazines yesterday. Your journals and the University are the solution and answer to my dreams. 
—Paul Carter