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Mar/Apr 2005    
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David Bach
Lead Story:
David Bach

Robert Kiyosaki
NT Interview:
Robert Kiyosaki

Jimmy Smith
Jimmy Smith

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Smart Network Marketers Finish Rich
Known to millions of households in America as "that genial young feller on Oprah" with the common sense financial advice, David Bach has taken the world of personal financial management by storm and given new hope (and practical advice) to millions. His books, from Smart Women Finish Rich to the Automatic Millionaire, have been instant best-sellers. His latest, Start Late Finish Rich, includes a chapter on network marketing.

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Why I Love Network Marketing
Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad Poor Dad books have sparked a revolution in financial common sense and had a huge impact on network marketers the world over. Adopting Kiyosaki's message as a core piece of our business philosophy, our emphasis has shifted from generating an income to knowing what to do with that income. This issue, our Editor in Chief chats with Robert about what's so great about network marketing.

Health, Freedom and Hope
When Dave Clare, Chief Marketing Officer of a network marketing corporation, sat down with his company's two co-CEOs to grapple with their corporate identity, he never imagined where their brainstorming would take them. Today Dave coordinates global strategies to help disadvantaged people all over the world.

Creating a Family Legacy
For 40 years, Jimmy Smith worked as a butcher in Philadelphia. After a back injury forced him into early retirement, he took up network marketing. Today he's earning over a million-dollar annual income-and he's brought all his kids and many of his 28 grandkids with him into the business, too!

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The Power of a Mentor
Holton Buggs knew he could leverage his football college scholarship in two ways: he could go pro or, if football didn't work out, get a job with his engineering degree. Turns out, he found an even more powerful way to leverage himself.

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For the Serious Fun of It
Judy Robbins had carved out a successful career as a corporate recruiter-but she wasn't having any fun. Then she discovered network marketing and found a way to reinvent her career with all the fun intact.

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