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Sample Webinar Course Descriptions

DALE CALVERT: How to Create Free Business Leads with Online Auctions, Funded Proposals, and Low Cost Postcards (Thursday, March 3)
Dale Calvert will share with you the inside secrets he has been using for the past three years. This Webinar will teach you how to create free leads and cash flow each and every week for the rest of your networking career.

KAREN PHELPS: Home Party Skills to Increase Your Sales, Sponsoring and Income (Tuesday, March 8)
Home parties are the fastest and easiest way to grow your business because you'll never run out of prospects. This course will teach you easy to duplicate, proven techniques that will produce more sales, bookings and recruits at every home party you do.

GARY RYAN BLAIR: The Power of Focus (Thursday, March 10)
Focus is not optional, it's a mandatory condition of success. Blair believes that no other principle is violated as constantly and as recklessly as the principle of focus. The battle cry for many people continues to be, let's do a little bit of everything. Come learn how to focus your energy for greater results; this is a serious program for serious people about a serious subject—focus!

ERICA COMBS: Connecting & Collecting—Permission to Prosper (Tuesday, March 22)
The secret to entrepreneurial success is becoming comfortable with three simple situations: connecting with people, collecting decisions, and achieving prosperity as a result. This Webinar will assist you to improve your self-image and self-esteem to create a strong, powerful presence without being pushy or abrasive.

TODD FALCONE: Advanced Techniques for Connecting and Rapport-Building (Tuesday, April 26)
These are the skills that all successful network marketing superstars know. The ability to create a deep connection with prospects is the great separator that divides the weak and timid from those who can close business and inspire their people to do more, regardless of the company they are with.

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FREE Live Webinar Schedule
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March/April 2005


3/1 Mitch Axelrod: Rejection Proof Networking

3/2 Jim Bunch: Goal-Setting and -Achieving

3/3 Dale Calvert: How to Create Leads with Funded Proposals and Online Auctions

3/8 Karen Phelps: Adding Home Presentations to Increase Your Sales and Income

3/10 Gary Ryan Blair: The Power of Focus

3/15 Doug Firebaugh: The Five Levels of Listening When Recruiting

3/16 Bob Proctor: The Picture That Produces Prosperity

3/18-21 *Ted Nicholas & Joel Christopher's InterActive Marketing Summit in San Antonio, TX 3/22 Erica Combs: Connecting with Women in Power

3/22 Erica Combs: Connecting & Collecting—Permission to Prosper

3/23 Ellie Drake: Your Brave Heart

3/29 Max Steingart: Five Proven Internet Prospecting Secrets

3/30 Kim Klaver: If My Product's So Good, Why Can't I Sell It?



4/5 Sandy Botkin: How to Turbocharge Your Recruiting Using Tax Knowledge

4/7 Denise Michaels: Supercharge Your Success with MasterMinding

4/12 Steve Siebold: How to Be a World Class Performer

4/13 Dr. Peter Pearson: Success Begins at Home

4/19 Beatty Carmichael: Killer Secrets to an 85 Percent Sponsoring Rate

4/20 Hilton Johnson: The Art of Professional Coaching

4/22-24 *Les Brown & Barry Donalson’s Success Mastery in Scottsdale, AZ

4/26 Todd Falcone: Advanced Techniques for Connecting and Rapport-Building

4/27 Troy Dooly: Four Habits of a Successful Leader

* Paid events sponsored by Networking University.

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