Randy Gage’s Top Three

Atlas Shrugged
Ayn Rand
This one will surprise some people because it doesn’t deal with finances directly. Rather, it introduces the philosophy of objectivism. So why include it here? Because living by a congruent philosophy is the most important aspect of creating prosperity. This book has influenced me more than any other I have ever read.

Charles Fillmore
The textbook on harnessing the power of mind for manifesting abundance. It is written in the language of 1900, so it requires a little work to read. (I wrote my own book, Accept Your Abundance, to help people access this information more easily.)

Think and Grow Rich
Napoleon Hill
The classic, and for good reason. This is the book that opened my mind to prosperity.


Kathy Robbins’s Top Three
Whether you manage your own money or let someone else do it, you need to understand the basics and pay attention. The only time I lost a significant amount of money in the stock market was when I gave control of the money to a broker while I was working in Europe.

Making the Most of Your Money
Jane Bryant Quinn
This is one of the best basic financial planning books for individuals, an excellent starting point for someone just learning about finance and investing.

How to Make Money in Stocks
William O’Neil
I learned about this book after the decline of the early 2000s. A friend of Paula Pritchard’s recommended it; he had used the strategies in the book, and had lost only a very small percentage of his money when things declined.

Investment Psychology Explained
Martin J. Pring
This is a very good explanation of the big picture. Most investments move on emotion and not logic. To be successful you need to understand the psychology.


Tom (“Big Al”) Schreiter’s Top Three

The Richest Man in Babylon
George S. Clason
I like short, small books. I enjoyed this one—great message in an easy story format.

The E-Myth Revisited
Michael Gerber
This one showed me that even gurus mess up, so don’t feel bad about a few mistakes along the way.
Wealth Without Risk

Charles Givens
Givens always wrote specific how-to strategies. Most people are motivated to wealth, but don’t know exactly what to do.

RANDY GAGE, KATHY ROBBINS and TOM SCHREITER are all on the faculty of Networking University.