Maria and Devin Whitworth hold a unique position: they are both independent distributors with their network marketing company and are the Directors of Communication and Training for the entire company as well. When they joined their company in January 2002, they had no background in network marketing. A friend put in their hands a copy of a new journal: the premier issue of Networking Times. "It really reflected our own philosophy,"says Maria "and it's also formed the core of their education and training ever since.

"We started out by reading all the articles in each issue, then tapping into certain authors and material to send to people in our organization and incorporate into our training. When the Networking University opened, I felt like a kid in a candy store! I gobbled up all the trainings I could; I wanted to know who all of them were and what they were teaching. There's such a diversity of teachers, and you never know when one will resonate for someone.

We train everyone who comes into our company to subscribe to Networking Times and take the Webinars to support them in having a genuine career perspective—to help them look at their business as a professional career and not simply a hobby.

We use the Webinars as group trainings, which we hold once or twice a month.

First we select a Webinar and tell everyone to be on it. Because we all go through the Webinar in our own homes, we each have our own personal experience of the class—but it's also a shared, common experience. After the Webinar we all come together on a conference call, review the material, masterminding and roundtabling, to see how it fits with our business and what we most take from it. We'll talk about how to utilize the things we learned and even try some of the techniques right there on the conference.

For example, we were using a lead program but didn't especially like the script they provided. So we took Hilton Johnson's Webinar on "Calling Leads," did a little roundtable call on what we'd learned, restructured what he'd given us to fit our product, tested it with some leads, fine-tuned it a bit more—and that's the script we're using now for all our cold-market calls.

When you have an opportunity to tap into the knowledge and experience of all these seasoned professionals…why would you not do that?! It's the best conglomeration of training we’ve found anywhere."