Financial Freedom Begins in Your Mind
In a way, says Proctor, financial freedom is a fantasy—at least it starts that way. Those seeds of thought you plant in your subconscious mind will bear fruit through the results in your life.

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About Financial Freedom

Quotations about the nature of wealth.

What's the secret to financial freedom?
A panel of four guest editors ponder the question, “What’s the secret to financial freedom?”

20 Keys to Leadership
Joanne G. Sujansky, Ph.D.
Effective leaders are not born, they’re made, says Sujansky. And here are 20 of the key ingredients, in a primer that offers a breathtaking scope of leadership secrets in a concise “encyclopedia.”

Sewing Seeds of Success

Tonya Grimes
When Tonya Grimes’s daughter grew bored with her sewing lessons, Tonya found the key that kept her on track: a project to sew the gorgeous gown she would wear for her piano recital. Citing examples among people in her network, Grimes shows how the principle applies broadly.

“Do You Prefer Red or Green…?”

Ran Crawley
Crawley presents three powerful “key steps to rejection prevention”: put the prospect before the presentation; never remove choice from the prospect; and learn to think like a survey-taker, a brilliant way of shifting your mindset in such a way that takes all the pressure off the presentation process.

Developing Your New Life Story
David Kreuger, M.D.
Beliefs become reality; you become what you think and feel. Using beliefs and assumptions, you create your own personal story and the themes of that story. The plot that you create defines and orients you in the present and guides you toward the future. The stories you tell about your life become your life.

The Inside Creates the Outside

Teresa Romain
Many networkers unknowingly and unintentionally think and operate under the belief that the external creates the internal—that bringing about a certain external circumstance will then create an internal experience of success or abundance. In reality, it’s the other way around.

Smart Network Marketers Finish Rich

Known to millions of households in America as “that genial young feller on Oprah” with the common sense financial advice, David Bach has taken the world of personal financial management by storm, giving new hope (and practical advice) to millions. His books, Smart Women Finish Rich, Smart Couples Finish Rich and The Automatic Millionaire, have been instant best-sellers; his latest, Start Late Finish Rich, includes a chapter on network marketing.

Why I Love Network Marketing
Robert Kiyosaki’s writings have sparked a revolution in financial common sense and had a huge impact on network marketers the world over. Kiyosaki’s materials and message (build an “income-generating asset” rather than just an income) have become a core piece of the networking business philosophy. This issue, we talk with Mr. Rich Dad himself about just what’s so great about network marketing.

Health, Freedom and Hope

When Dave Clare, Chief Marketing Officer of a network marketing corporation, sat down with his company’s two co-CEOs at 3:00 a.m. to grapple with their corporate identity, he never imagined where their brainstorming would take them. Today, only a year later, Dave finds himself coordinating global strategies for a foundation dedicated to helping disadvantaged people all over the world.

Creating a Family Legacy

For 40 years, Jimmy Smith worked as a butcher in Philadelphia, like his father and grandfather before him. When a back injury forced him into early retirement, he went looking for a new career. Sixteen years later, the butcher from Philly has done well for himself: he is the number two earner for a major networking company with over a million-dollar annual income. Even better, he’s gotten all six of his kids in the business too—along with all of his 28 grandchildren who are over the age of 18.

The Power of a Mentor

First in his family to go to college, Holton Buggs knew he could leverage his football scholarship in two ways: he could go pro, or if football didn’t work out, he could take his engineering degree into the marketplace. Turns out, he found an even more powerful way to leverage himself.

For the Serious Fun of It

From the time she entered college at 17, Judy Robbins had been pegged as a natural-born recruiter. She carved out a successful career as a corporate recruiter but wasn’t having any fun—until she discovered network marketing.

Speak Your Truth, With Compassion

Marian Head
Second in the series: “How three networkers told the truth when it wasn’t easy.” Sometimes the easy answer isn’t the truthful answer—and sometimes telling it like it is takes a combination of courage and compassion. Sometimes, it may not feel like it’s in the “best interests” of one’s business—but it is, always.

Become a Master Asker

Brian Biro
In this third in his series of four “vision keys,” Biro recalls the shock of realization when he discovered his former assistant coaches had not all become successful coaches themselves—and that the one who had was the one who’d been least likely to succeed. The difference? He was the one student whom Brian asked more than he told.

Sponsor the Ultimate Networker

Steve Siebold
Siebold offers what he calls “a blueprint for sponsoring the ultimate network marketing distributor,” in this profile of seven critical characteristics of people who have developed world-class belief systems. A masterful personal-development yardstick, this article’s destined to be a classic of the business.

Party On!

Karen Phelps
Why would anyone want to adopt the concept of home parties as a business-building strategy? Party plan advocate Phelps asks and answers this question in this first in a two-part series, and offers four key steps to creating effective home parties.

Their Own Conclusions

Bob Burg
Have you ever noticed how, when you try and persuade people, they push back? That’s because you can’t persuade someone who doesn’t want to be persuaded—and that’s just about everyone. Sometimes, says Burg, the most effective way to persuade prospects is to give them the space to persuade themselves.

Coaching: A Primer

Hilton Johnson
Coaching is the hot new profession that’s been sweeping the business world for the past seven years—and network marketers are perfectly positioned to leverage their skills and training to become professional coaches themselves.

The Eighth Day of the Week

John David Mann
“Some day….” How often have you used that phrase? It’s a way we have of reinforcing the illusion that the future is safely far removed, that it doesn’t really touch us. It’s a lie—not an intentional, willful deception, but a lie nonetheless.