There’s been a great deal of buzz about the PBS specials airing on this new book. What’s all the hubbub?

Psychologist Dr. Wayne Dyer, known and respected for proving his ideas through years of research and testing, public speaking and audience response, is venturing into the zone of the invisible and untestable. As Dyer himself says, “This may sound like hocus-pocus, but I prefer to think of it as emptying my mind and entering the heart of mystery.”

This is not the typical book on intention; it doesn’t tell you to state your intention and then focus with dogged determination on getting what you want so that your will be done. Instead, Dyer equates intention with the Source of all creation, with God, with the Divine invisible force that exists within and beyond us; a force that he says we can learn to attract to us in order to play a role in creation itself.

Says Dyer, “You must learn to be like the energy that allowed you to be in the first place…You were intended out of love, you must be love in order to intend.”

This book is a gift for the soul, a treatise on living in accord with the laws of the universe, which he calls the “faces” of intention: creativity, kindness, love, beauty, expansion, unlimited abundance and receptivity to all. Dyer says, “Intention is the silent partner who’s accessible at any moment we choose,” explaining that the only way you deactivate this guiding, co-creative energy is by believing that you’re separate from it.

His message is inspiring, bringing hope to the reader that there is support beyond our rational, thinking minds, if we can only release the ego’s need for control and allow the natural unfolding of intention. “Thinking or reasoning your way to intention is futile; by banishing doubt and trusting your intuition, you clear a space for the power of intention to flow through.”

It is instructive, guiding the reader through the attitudes, affirmations and actions that will create alignment with Source. Regardless of whether he’s addressing the path to self-respect, being authentic, attracting abundance, living life on purpose, strengthening relationships, or healing, his steps always include being in a state of gratitude, affirming in positive words that which we choose and meditating to quiet the mind and connect with the Source of all intention.

Dyer is a wonderful storyteller, skillfully eliciting tears and laughter to anchor his ideas. He has a contagious enthusiasm for sharing his recent insights about intention, their relationship to free will, and our connection to all living beings.

The Power of Intention is a practical guide for those who believe that we are spiritual beings in physical form, and who want to learn how to re-connect to the source of our Divine nature, making life on earth the fullest possible experience of love, beauty, kindness and abundance.

Hardcover, 259 pages, $24.95; Hay House, 2004