Why would I want to incorporate the concept of home parties into my networking business? Give me one good reason!”

I’ll do better: here are two good reasons.

Number one: it is a whole lot easier and more time-friendly to present your product and opportunity to eight or ten people at a time than it is to give an endless series of one-on-one presentations. And number two: it generates a tremendous amount of excitement! In fact, home parties generate energy in a way that no other presentation platform, from conference calls to Flash-driven web sites, can touch.

When I hold home presentations I generally sell to most everyone there, have more people to talk to about joining the business—and book at least two new presentations. Not bad results for two to three hours’ work.

If the idea of holding home parties to build your business is foreign to you, it may take a change of thinking, both for yourself and for the consultants on your team, to adopt this strategy. It’s worth the effort. Teach your new consultants this “new way” of doing business and watch the explosion! And once those seasoned and skeptical veterans watching from the sidelines see the results you’re getting, they’ll jump in and join you.

Here are four easy steps to introduce group or party selling and sponsoring to your organization or, if it is already in place, to enhance the way you do it.


1. Develop a Plan That’s Easy to Duplicate

Ask yourself this test question:

“After observing only one or two of my in-home presentations, will a new consultant be able to go out immediately and put on his or her own presentations?”

If you answered “No,” your system is too complicated.

The plan should include introductions to guests, simple games or icebreakers, introduction to your hostess program, a simple overview of your compensation program, and demonstration of products. Then comes your close, which includes a call to action—to order product, book a party, and/or find out more about the business.

Remember, if it’s not easy it’s not duplicable.


2. Put Yourself In the Guests’ Shoes

That means imagining you’re a guest and saying, “What’s in it for me”? View your entire party system, from start to finish, from the point of view of your guests. The guests at the party will be thinking, “How will this benefit me?”

Teach your consultants to do this as a core part of the system. Leaders and consultants need to know how to “sell the sizzle” in relation to buying products, hosting a party and joining the company.

For example: Susie is at one of my presentations; she loves everything. In fact, she would love to buy one of everything—and if she did, it would cost her well over $500. Susie needs to be sold on the reason for hosting a party. I would say something like this:

“Susie, I can see you’re impressed with our product and would love to have it all—but I want to help you earn some of it. The best way to do that is to hold a party of your own. Our average hostess earns X amount of product, so by purchasing just a few of your favorite items this evening and booking your own party, I’m sure you’ll be able to have most of the items on your list. By the way, as a consultant, you will not only earn money on every party you hold, but you can also purchase your own product at a discount of X percent!”


3. Teach Your Consultants to Think on Their Feet

I am dismayed when I attend a party and listen as a guest gives her objection to the idea of hosting her own party—and the consultant agrees with her!

For example, Carol says, “I would love to have a party, but I’m so busy!” How would you respond? I would empathize with her—and then show her how to find her own way out of her objection. My reply might be:

“Wow, I know what you mean…I get so busy I never have a chance to see my friends. That’s why I love to have parties! I can visit with my friends, shop and introduce them to fantastic products at the same time. It’s a win-win situation for all of us! I work Monday through Thursday and my available dates are Tuesday the fifth and Thursday the seventh. Which one of those would be best for your get-together?”


4. Continually Increase Your Belief

If you and your downline consultants are going to sell more products, book more parties and sponsor more people into the business, they have to believe in the company. It’s like the classic film, Miracle on 34th Street, when Susan is at the nursing home and can’t find her Christmas gift. She keeps repeating to herself, “I believe! I believe!” Your consultants need to believe in the product, hostess program and compensation program.

When a consultant truly believes it is better to host a show to earn free product than it is to purchase it all, she’ll have more bookings than she can hold. The more people she’ll meet, the more people she’ll have to share the opportunity with. What do you do if you truly have more bookings than you can manage? Share them with your team members!


If you want to help your consultants grow their businesses and their earnings faster, home parties could be the answer.

If you and your downline consultants are already holding home parties, take time to review your procedures and make sure that everything is simple and duplicable; that everyone is putting themselves in their guests’ shoes; that your consultants are being continually trained in how to think on their feet; and that you and your team are continuously feeding and building your belief.

Party on!

KAREN PHELPS is a member of the
National Speakers Association and has been
involved in direct sales for 22 years.