Have you ever wondered if there was a blueprint of the ultimate network marketing distributor? There is.

While successful distributors certainly come from all walks of life, there is a psychological foundation that many of them share: world-class beliefs.

Exceptional performers believe many of the same things, and these beliefs carry them through the tough times. Here are seven of those key beliefs.


“I cannot fail, I can only learn and grow.”

This belief eliminates the fear of failure, leaving him free to take risks and to try new things. After all, the worst he can do is learn, grow and improve.

Top performers with this mindset tend to believe that failure is a concept created by the middle class that has no real validity.

As a result of this belief, the performer becomes more mentally tough with each passing experience, no matter what the outcome.


“Everything happens for a reason.”

This belief serves as an incredible motivator. People with this belief rarely feel emotionally down, because they know that at any given moment, everything that’s happening is supposed to happen and will eventually serve them. These people are energized by the past, whether positive or negative, because they have connected the dots between past and present events.

This is a hallmark belief for people of great religious and/or spiritual faith. People who believe everything happens for a reason rarely get discouraged, primarily because they feel that even if they fall, they are “falling forward.”


“I am responsible for my own success, happiness, and fulfillment.”

Over 20 years of studying the thought processes, habits, and philosophies of world-class performers, I’ve found this to be the ultimate belief that predicts a performer’s success.

While 90 percent of the population have a victim mentality, the great ones believe it’s all up to them. This belief drives them to ferociously attack their goals and dreams until they are living the life they desire. After all, if they fail, they have no one to blame but themselves.


“I have the ability to handle any obstacle or challenge life throws me.”

This is a foundational belief among entrepreneurs, who typically have worked their way up from nothing and created their life by design. Many have been to the highest heights and lowest lows.

These are the risk-takers of the world, the mavericks who believe they can recover from anything—and are correct in that belief! They make great networkers because they understand the value of leveraging their own contacts and credibility. This business is a natural fit for people with this belief.


“Everyone is operating at his or her current level of awareness.”

This belief is essential to success in network marketing because it dramatically increases a distributor’s tolerance for the objections, reactions and ridicule they will receive from prospects operating at a low level of awareness.

Distributors with this belief rarely feel victimized when they are rejected. And it’s hard to be upset with someone when you understand he’s simply uninformed.


“Emotion motivates, logic steers.”

This belief helps distributors focus their presentations on the emotional wants and needs of their prospects. While most people are busy telling their prospects about the history of the company or the compensation plan, these distributors are keying in on their prospects’ emotional hot buttons. They use emotion to persuade, logic to help their prospects justify their decision.

People with this belief go on to become powerful leaders who can paint an emotional picture of the future that their distributors can’t resist.


“Stress and adversity are necessary for growth.”

This belief helps the distributor to keep moving forward in the face of daily rejection. These people believe that the rejection they’re experiencing is absolutely necessary for them to develop their full potential and become all they can become. It’s not that they enjoy stress and adversity, but they learn to accept it as a part of their ongoing growth.

You won’t have to spend much time handholding with this group. They will persist until they succeed, knowing that the measure of their true success has very little to do with how many people they sponsor or sell. They know that if they become the kind of performer they have the potential to become, success on the level of results is inevitable.


As you speak to people about your opportunity, be sure to ask probing questions that reveal their belief systems. Keep in mind that behavior is the direct manifestation of belief, and superior results are the consequence of superior behavior.

Rather than sponsoring people with middle-class belief systems and spending all of your time trying to help them upgrade those beliefs, identify prospects with world-class beliefs and spend that same amount of time working with them.

The most successful people in society are your target, although not all of them have world-class beliefs. Be sure to interview them to see if their intentions and values match those of your organization. Some people have sold their souls for success, and you want to keep that group as far away from your organization as possible. You’re looking for people who possess these beliefs and who understand the concept of leveraging their contacts and credibility to help others while they’re helping themselves.

Once you’ve sponsored four or five people who fit this description, your biggest problem won’t be trying to motivate them. It will be trying to keep up with them! n

STEVE SIEBOLD is co-founder
of the Gove-Siebold Group, a training
organization that helps networkers develop
world-class communication skills.