My nine-year-old daughter Hannah started taking sewing lessons a year ago. She started with the basics, each week learning a new skill. It wasn’t fun. In fact, it was boring for her to learn those mundane skills because she didn’t have the big picture in mind.

What was the big picture? It was this: Someday soon she would be making a beautiful gown for her piano recital and she would need all of those mundane skills she was learning to make that dress. Once that vision was planted into her mind, her whole attitude changed about her weekly lessons and the things she was learning. We even took it a step further and bought a pattern for her gown. She looked at that picture often—and she would see herself in that dress!

How about you?

Are you tired of the mundane skills it takes to move your network marketing business forward? Are you tired of trying to perfect your phone skills, closing skills, or leadership skills? Do you need to go back to the basics of crafting your vision and developing your big, bold dream?

The Crucial First Step

It’s interesting how quickly our visions and dreams can fade.

I was once conducting a recruiting interview and asked my prospect, “If you had an abundance of time and money, what would you do or get?” She paused for a minute and said, “Well, I used to think about this dream house I always wanted…but I don’t even allow myself to think about it anymore, because I know it will never become a reality.”

Isn’t that incredibly sad? Here’s what I find a lot sadder: network marketers who have lost their dream and vision—or never took the time to create one in the first place.

Dreaming and crafting your own personal vision is the first step to creating excitement and a sense of urgency with your business. When your vision is clear, you’ll be consistent with follow-up phone calls, customer service or paperwork, because each of these “mundane skills” is what it takes to reach that dream you’re working towards.


A Piano

Before hiring me as her coach, Julie had been working on her business for about one year and had nothing to show for it. I said to her, “What are you working your business for? What small dream would you like to achieve in one year or less?” Her voice perked up and she said, “I’d love to buy myself a piano. I play in church every Sunday, and I don’t even own my own piano to practice on.”

Once Julie knew what she was working towards, we came up with a weekly business plan. She was focused. She was determined. Like my nine-year-old with her gown, she knew the outcome that each mundane step represented, and nothing was going to keep her from reaching that dream.


Tears of Joy

There are other benefits to dreaming and crafting your vision of the future.

My phone rang one day. On the other end of the line was Lenora—in tears. “What’s wrong?” I said. Through the sobs she replied, “I was finally able to go off my medication for depression after being on it for fifteen years. I wanted you to be the first person to know.” They were tears not of pain, but of joy.

Lenora started her network marketing business a few years ago and moved along slowly, all the while battling her depression. Not satisfied with her progress, she called me for coaching. I started from the beginning, just as I did with Julie: “What are you working your business for? What small dream would you like to do or get in one year or less?”

After spending quite a bit of time dream building, we finally had everything in place. Lenora’s excitement level was high. Her business activities increased, causing her to experience positive results. She was productive and her hard work was paying off—and each baby step led her closer to her dream. It also led her down the path of resolving health issues she had lived with for a long time.

Do you see what a clear vision of your dreams can do? It’s very powerful.


What’s Your Big Picture?

Hannah had her gown; Julie had her piano; Lenora had freedom from a medication.

How about you?

What vision do you have that will motivate you to continue doing mundane tasks you often don’t feel like doing? What burning desire do you have that will cause you to push through your fear of failure or fear of success?

Challenge yourself, push yourself, don’t settle for being mediocre. There are way too many people who fall into this category. You’re better than that. You have dreams; I know you want to accomplish so much—and you can! Believe you can do it. Learn those mundane skills. Then rise above the majority and go after what you want with passion and purpose. Nothing and no one will stop you because they can’t. You become a force that is moving way too fast for anyone or any situation to slow you down.

Hannah made that beautiful gown and wore it for her piano recital. The pride I saw in her face is etched in my mind as a testament to how powerful a vision can be. She worked hard at those mundane tasks and it paid off because of the prize at the end.

What is your prize in the end? Are you willing to work hard and smart to get it? I promise—it’s worth it!

TONYA GRIMES is an accomplished network marketer
and author of
7 Simple Steps to End Procrastination,
a book specifically written for those who work
from their homes.