Over the course of my 29 wonderful years in this business, I have associated with many millionaires and a few billionaires who made all of their money in this great profession. The fantastic success secret I have learned from every last one of them is this: “there is no secret.” This is extremely valuable information; it means that there is no elite—everyone has an equal chance at achieving financial independence.

Network marketing is the best opportunity for the average person to become financially independent, so you’re already on the right track. Beyond that, while there are no “secrets,” there are a few keys, which are characteristics these millionaire and billionaire associates all shared. They each started out with a dream, a wish that eventually turned into a goal. They all stayed the course to turn those goals into reality; they worked hard and never gave up. Sounds simple, but this is clearly one of the keys to success.

A couple once stopped for gas in a rural town. While the husband filled the tank, his wife wandered over to the front door and noticed a dog lying on the porch, howling and moaning. “What’s wrong with your dog?” she asked the attendant. He replied, “Oh, Daisy? She’s lyin’ on a nail and it hurts purty bad—but it don’t hurt bad enough for her to git up an’ move.”

How many people do you know who are hurting financially—but just not bad enough for them to do anything about it? Most people want success and the freedom that comes with financial independence; many don’t want it badly enough to go get it.

If you are not making the progress you want, and if that nail still hurts, don’t be like Daisy: you must “git up and move.” Make a decision; commit to change; make clear goals and take action on them. Believe in yourself and in the people you work with. Keep your business simple and duplicable; be honest and fair with everyone; and share your opportunity with everyone!

Here is a great initial goal: get out of debt. My definition of financial independence starts with first becoming completely debt-free. That means no mortgage, no credit card debt, no car payments, nothing owed but your typical 30-day bills. I have a good friend who eliminates even these bills: he pays for everything a year ahead, and everyone owes him all year long!

Financial independence is available if you are willing to pay the price. Is it worth it to devote three to five years to hard work? The pain is only temporary; the solution is permanent.

BILLY D. STAHL has been a
network marketing leader for nearly three decades,
and has consulted to and coached a number of major
networking companies. Billy and his wife live in Dallas,Texas.