Most people think that financial freedom comes from earning huge amounts of money. Earning is obviously important, but itís not the secret. Iíve been fortunate to earn in excess of $50 million in network marketingóbut where many make fortunes only to lose them, Iíve also been able to build a net worth greater than that amount. Whatís my secret?

Actually, there are two.

Financial Freedom Secret #1: Live Below Your Means. Early in life I learned that if you canít live below your means, youíll never accumulate enough wealth to gain financial freedom. This is the foundation of every book or lecture about wealth-building I have ever encountered.

Like many, Iíve come to understand the need to create savings and investments to protect me in the future. Unlike many, I was fortunate enough to realize the consequences of spending more than I make before I had to suffer those consequences!

Unfortunately, this simple principle is one of the most often violated by network marketing distributors. Maybe their pursuit to ďshow successĒ is more important than the pursuit to obtain financial stability.

Measurement is a critical part of this process. To ensure that I would accumulate wealth, I always made sure I had processes in place that would force me to measure my success. I review my accounting monthly to ensure that I am always growing financially. When it comes to accumulating wealth, ďout of sight, out of mindĒ is the wrong mindset.

Principle #2: Building the Right Relationships. True financial freedom has less to do with money and more to do with relationships.

I donít think people realize the importance of selecting your relationships when it comes to money managers. The greatest risk to your financial stability is the relationships you choose to help you in this area. Bottom line: if you choose the wrong relationships, you wonít have good financial results.

Working with so many thousands of people over the years, Iíve noticed that building the right team is one of the most commonly frustrating areas of wealth accumulation. It never feels good to be punished by someone losing your money when youíve worked so hard to earn and save it.

I donít get involved in the day-to-day financial decisions related to my business or financial matters, because I have always focused my attention on building my distributorship. I have been very fortunate to have advisors who can exceed my outcomes and who operate with impeccable character.

If I lost everything today, I could build it all back up again tomorrow, simply because I know how to live below my means, and I understand how to select and manage long-term relationships.


JEFF ROBERTI entered network marketing in 1987 and
has since become one of the professionís
legendary success stories and highest income earners.