Financial freedom starts with defining what the term means to you; after all, itís hard to find something if you donít know what youíre looking for. To me, financial freedom means being able to afford doing whatever you want to do, whenever you want to do it. Itís about being able to enjoy life with a clear headóstress-free!

The first secret to achieving this condition is simply that you need to have the right vehicle. Happily, thatís already a given for network marketers; it comes with the territory. We are part of the greatest profession in the world, and all the stories we hear about the fairy-tale income possibilities that can come from networking are true.

The second secret to achieving financial freedom is knowing when enough is enough and when itís time to start smelling the roses. Financial freedom is about balance. Itís knowing that if your child has a sporting event or special performance, you can schedule your business around these important things that may seem small but make your life so richóand still accomplish your business goals!

Most people struggle with the trade-off between time and money their whole lives. Some choose time as the more important of the two, but then donít have the money to enjoy the finer things in life. Others choose the money, but never have the time to enjoy the fruits of their laborsóthey get so caught up with achieving financial success that they forget about the freedom part of the goal. They forget what life is really about.

Thankfully, our special profession allows us to achieve both outrageous income and the time to enjoy it. And the best part is, you donít have to wait to be a millionaire to have financial freedom. Financial freedom is about good planning and making the right choices along the way, choices that support your values.

I was blessed to have been introduced to our wonderful profession at an early age. My parents jumped into networking when I was a teenager and I watched our family lifestyle improve dramatically as they worked towards achieving financial freedom. It made such an impact on me that I jumped right into the profession as soon as I graduated from college. This is the only profession I can think of that could have allowed me to build a huge international business and a family rich in values at the same time.

If you work diligently in your networking business, plan your finances wisely and make balance a priority, financial freedom could be right around the corner for you!

LAURA KALL is a second-generation
network marketer and highly regarded leader in the
profession; she was profiled in our February 2002 issue.