The first step is to define “freedom” itself. For me, freedom is present when I have total choice to:

• Set my own daily schedule;

• Take my son to/from school and his daily activities;

• Have lunch or play golf with my friends;

• Have as many “date days” during the week with my wife as I choose;

• Volunteer at my son’s school whenever I want;

• Take on projects that support my friends, family and community whenever I choose and for as long as I choose;

• Travel whenever and wherever it suits me;

• Spend time developing my business or not, as I choose.

Before I could achieve this financial freedom, I first had a vision of what it would be like and the intention to see it come true.

I knew that my income had to exceed my expenses—yet to do the things I wanted, my expenses were going up faster than my income. Help! I had to get serious and focus on my intention.

I got some tools, including a computer with an accounting system so that I could track my expenses and income on a daily basis. I reduced the expenses that were not moving me toward my intention. I began to notice the distractions that appeared. I began to say “No” to activities and people that would take me off course, and to say “Yes” to activities and people I intuitively felt were on course, even when my mind would say, “Are you crazy?”

From a course I’d taken from Marshall Thurber and Robert Kiyosaki, I knew that I am responsible for my actions, thoughts and beliefs. I learned the importance of being open to receiving—hugs, love, trust, money, abundance and a host of other things. I clarified what would give me freedom and decided to learn all I could through personal growth courses and by simply being around people who taught such courses as much as possible. I knew that training and preparing myself mentally to receive was an important step.

Here are the steps to financial freedom that I’ve gleaned from these experiences: knowing what freedom means to me, envisioning myself free, intending to get there, focusing on those things that will get me there the fastest and easiest, doing the work, and being open to receive the gifts and blessings that naturally come my way.

Oh! The question wasn’t what are the steps to financial freedom—it was, “what is the secret!”

Ah…the secret is leverage. My networking business and investments are working for me while I’m enjoying my financial freedom. But, shhh…it’s a secret….


GLENN HEAD has been an entrepreneur since 1979
and associated with network marketing since 1994.
Glenn co-founded and serves as Dean of Networking University.