Just wanted to take the time to offer you (and everyone who makes Networking University work) a sincere thank you. The speakers are fabulous, the wish to serve is genuine and the information in an auditory fashion is without doubt the best forum for busy people to learn.

I also wanted to thank you for having the seminars online. It makes cost a non-issue, hands-free to take notes an added bonus, and the ability to replay the talks is a must. Everyone knows you learn by repetition, and this feature also allows us to share the messages with others. I’m sure I am like many others attending who have little ones who have just gone to bed when the seminars start. Sometimes I end up missing half while answering more of their questions and re-tucking them in. You have given me and others the opportunity to replay the class the following day. I am grateful for the system you have created and the education it offers. Congratulations on a job well done!

—Andrea Perry

It would be great if you guys recorded and then offered a subscription service that gave you access to all of the past webinars. There are plenty I missed, but would pay to get access to if they were archived.

—Mike Dillard

Our IT department has put together an archive of all past recordings of our webinars. We offer three types of recordings: The first is “e-sample,” which is a free 10-minute clip of the faculty member’s presentation. “e-Listening” is the full audio presentation available for purchase at $1.97 (free for Networking University members). Finally, “e-Learning” is the full audio combined with presentation slides, available for purchase at $7.77 (free for Networking University members). You can access them all at:www.networkingtimes.com/university/e-learninglist.php

Mixed Media Messages
I hope the Networking Times is not replacing the book we get in the mail every other month. It is very time-consuming to copy all the stories off and hard to keep track of. I like the book because I can put it in my purse and read it when I have an extra minute or two, at the doctor’s office or anytime I get to sit down for a few minutes. I will be very disappointed if this is going to be permanent. Please let me know the future of Networking Times in this regard. 

—Sylvia Daniel

We’re a little confused: Are you speaking of the online version of Networking Times versus the physical paper-based copy? If so, rest assured, we agree wholeheartedly: nothing will ever take the place of a book in the hand! We publish each edition of Networking Times in both versions, paper and electronic (online), and will continue to do so. If we’ve misunderstood, please clarify. Otherwise, enjoy your paper copies!

Thank you for replying to my e-mail. I’m glad you are still going to send out the book; that is what I was referring to. I love the little book as it has so many good and helpful stories in it. Thanks again.

—Sylvia Daniel