With the start of each new year, I like to get inspired by what the most intuitive among us have to say about where we are headed. One of my favorites is Sylvia Browne; here are some of the visions she shares in her latest book, Prophecy:

Eventually most of the world religions will join forces and funds for the good of one another and the community of humankind. Interfaith “healing centers” will spring up throughout the globe offering a vast array of services and healing arts. They will be staffed by volunteers and supplied by a generous flood of donations from the collective membership of the contributing religions.…

Children’s educational and emotional needs will be considered of equal importance. Teachers will be very well paid and highly qualified, with no more than 10 to 15 students in a classroom. Every student will have a laptop linked to their assigned teachers at the education center and all learning institutions will be hooked up together. It will not be uncommon for a high school student with a special interest to take an art history class at the Sorbonne in Paris or preliminary programming at the MIT…

Or a personal growth course at Networking University!

The beginning of a new year is filled with possibilities. We live in a critical time for the survival of our planet and the welfare of our species. Many of us are being called to our life purpose, that higher purpose for which all the skills we have developed have prepared us. In order to fulfill our mission, we build financial freedom to allow us to more powerfully move forward and serve in response to our heart’s call. As each person remembers that we are all one and all life is interrelated, we will come to recognize greed, violence, intolerance and other behavior patterns that reflect a lack of reverence for life as self-destructive and absurd, and we will join together to co-create, implement and financially support the lofty ideas and viable solutions surfacing all over the world.

This new year, Gabriel Media Group will stay committed to raising the standard of professionalism and personal development among networking professionals by providing resources and support through its university, consulting practice and the magazine you hold in your hands. We will continue and increase our financial contributions to the philanthropies we partner with, thus building a solid business model and a beacon for a more compassionate economy.

What do you see for 2005? Put aside your expectations and open yourself fully to the wealth of possibilities that exist. What you believe is what the future holds.


JOSEPHINE GROSS, Ph.D. is co-founder of
Gabriel Media Group, Inc., the publisher of
Networking Times.