The Impeccable Presentation
Bob Proctor talks about viewing your presentation as if it were a film script you’re going to deliver with such perfection that you could win an Academy Award.

What the Future Holds…
Josephine Gross, Ph.D., talks about a new year filled with possibilities.

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Books no networker can afford to ignore • Greedy e-book authors? • A schedule of forthcoming Networking University “Webinars” • Quotations about the art of presentation

A panel of four guest editors ponder the question, “What makes a great presentation?”

Honing Your Entrepreneurial Spirit
Donna Johnson
Some people are born entrepreneurs; for the rest of us, it’s a skill set we need to develop. Donna Johnson offers a thorough, twelve-point self-assessment tool you can use to both gauge and strengthen your entrepreneurial skills.

Keeping It Fresh
Jerry Weissman
From great ballplayers to great stage actors, professionals know how to treat their repetitive tasks as if they are brand new every time. Weissman’s primer on keeping your recurring presentations fresh includes seven key strategies for customizing your material to your unique audience.

Rewriting Your Life Story
David Kreuger, M.D.
Human beings learn through stories, Dr. Kreuger tells us, and stories are how we learn, understand and remember. More, they are how we create our own lives anew each day. First in a series on how to take pen in hand and rewrite your own life story as a work in progress.

How Big Is Your Bucket?
Teresa Romain
“The Well of Providence is deep. It’s the buckets we bring to it that are small.” Opening with this quotation, Romain goes on to show how, when we approach our life and business with too small a “bucket,” greater effort can actually diminish our results.

The Art of Presentation
Tom Hopkins, best-selling author of Selling for Dummies®, is the indisputable king of sales. Through Tom Hopkins International, he has personally trained over three million students on five continents; his Master the Art of Selling has sold over 1.4 million copies in ten languages and is considered the classic text on sales. In this interview Tom shares his passion about bringing to networkers what he feels is the single biggest missing piece in our profession: solid training on the art of presentation.

Your Life Is a Series of Presentations
Tony Jeary, aka Mr. Presentation™, has traveled the globe for two decadesteaching others how to present with excellence. Zig Ziglar called his Inspire Any Audience “the ultimate presenter’s handbook”. His coaching clients include the CEOs and presidents of Fortune 100 companies such as Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club, Ford, New York Life and Texaco. Brian Tracy has called Tony “a walking, talking embodiment of success.” In this interview Tony speaks about creating confidence and the importance of keeping it real.

God’s Love Manifest
For Diana Haskins, a history of personal suffering, economic need and profound faith led her to discover network marketing, which for Diana was both a way to make a living and a way to help support others. But it didn’t stop there—her need to give overflowed every vessel she found, until the horrors of post-9/11 inspired her to create her own: the Afghan Academy of Hope.

Millionaire Chooses Networking!
While many network marketing success stories have their genesis in poverty-fueled motivation, Ray Robbins has the opposite story. A born entrepreneur who owned 27 lawnmowers by the time he graduated from high school, Ray succeeded in venture after venture. Fully prepared to live a long life of retirement, Ray was drawn to networking by a combination of personal health concerns, fascination with the concept and admiration for a man on a mission.

Overcoming Circumstances
Raised in poor circumstances that taught him the value of hard work and solid values, Barry Donalson had pulled himself up by the proverbial bootstraps and earned a promising position with Lexus when he happened to encounter the idea of network marketing. It took a good six years for the idea to gel for him—and once it did he dove in head first, earning a solid $3 million in a few years.

Networking to Nashville
At 23, Stacy and David Whited decided to postpone their dream of moving to Nashville to support Stacy’s career as a country singer. By the time they finally made the move, seven years had elapsed—and the young couple had established a solid financial foundation through network marketing.

Live Your Mission!
Marian Head
The second in the series, this article follows three accomplished networking leaders as they discover the value of the first of Head’s twelve Revolutionary Agreements: putting your larger life’s mission first (and not just your business goals) ends up serving all your goals.

Be Fully Present in Every Precious Moment
Brian Biro
In this second of a series of four “vision keys,” Biro achingly relates a period in his life when he put business before family and found he was missing out on the most precious moments of his life. “Being present is not something you can fake. It is not a technique; it is a decision.”

Coaching vs. Facilitating
Steve Siebold
Master presenter Siebold has a bone to pick with the booming popularity of coaching: most of what we’re all calling “coaching,” he says, is not coaching but facilitating. There’s a world of difference between the two—and becoming a truly successful network marketer takes both skill sets.

How Do I Find a Mentor?
Bob Burg
Responding to a real-life inquiry from a subscriber, Burg uses his response (a lesson on finding mentors) as an opportunity to offer an object lesson on avoiding the trap of procrastination—and illustrates how the Great Wall of China can propel you into immediate action!

Buffers and Easy Exits
Hilton Johnson
“Most people, when coming into contact with network marketers, are automatically on guard about how threatening the distributor will be and how much time their presentation will take.” So saying, master salesman Johnson offers his ten favorite strategies for softening one’s approach and diffusing resistance.

The Art of Presentation
John David Mann
“Every time you open your mouth to speak, you are responding to a question in your mind.” The key to great presentations, says Mann, is to take the attention off yourself—by asking yourself questions like “What do they need?” rather than “How am I doing?”