Most people, when coming into contact with network marketers, are automatically on guard about how threatening or time-consuming the presentation will be. To diffuse that kind of resistance, I soften my approach and presentations with “Buffers,” and convey that I’m not going to take up much of their time with “Easy Exits.”

Here are my top five favorite Buffers:


1. Identify with Your Prospects

When your prospects tell you they’ve had (or heard about) a bad experience with network marketing, identify with them:

“I can appreciate what you’re saying.”

“If I were in your shoes, I’d feel the same way.”

“I understand exactly what you mean…I’ve been in that position too.”


2. Agreement Buffers

When prospects tell you they’re “not the sales type,” or “your products are priced too high,” or they would like to “think it all over,” you can respond with:

“Welcome to the club…I’ve never thought of myself as a sales type, either.”

“I agree…on the surface, the prices do seem high.”

“I totally agree—you should think this over. It’s a very important decision.”


3. Buffer with Apologies

Whenever you make a prospecting call (especially by phone), you can diffuse resistance right at the outset by leading with an apology:

“Hello Ms. So and So, I’m sorry to bother you. I have some new information regarding X-Factor Product I thought you might find interesting. Do you have a minute to speak with me?”

Other ways to use apologies:

“It’s not my job to inconvenience you in any way.”

“I can see I’ve caused you to misunderstand me. Please forgive me. What I meant to say was…”

“I gave you incorrect information. I apologize from the bottom of my heart.”


4. Permission Buffers

You can take the “sting” out of your powerful questions and important messages by asking permission to ask questions or to demonstrate:

“It would be helpful to me if I could understand your situation a little better. May I ask you some questions?”

“With your permission, I will explain how the program works…okay?”

“May I make a suggestion? Why don’t I show you folks the marketing plan and then you can make a more informed decision…fair enough?”


5. Thank Them for the Complaint

You can dramatically diffuse any complaints you might receive by saying something like this:

“I’m really glad you brought that to my attention.”

If you personally made the screw-up, you can make your response even better!

“You’ve made me a better distributor today. I’m going to take immediate action to make sure this doesn’t happen again. Thank you!”


Easy Exits reduce sales resistance by conveying that you’re not going to waste time. Here are my top five favorite Easy Exits:


1. Accept It or Reject It

Before you go on an appointment or just before you give a demonstration, set the stage with this language:

“Mr. and Ms. So and So, with your permission [Buffer], I’ll show you my program, and when I’m finished you can accept it or reject it as you see fit. In other words, it’s entirely up to you. Is that fair?”


2. Sizing Up Your Prospects

When you have been invited to explain your products, services and/or business opportunity, you can tell how receptive your prospects are by asking this question:

“Folks, how much time have you set aside for our meeting today?”

If they say they only have a few minutes, this is a red flag. You may want to question why they have set aside so little time, reschedule the appointment or disqualify them altogether. (Hey gang, let’s not waste our time either!)

If they say that you can have all the time you need, you can be sure you have a qualified prospect and you’re going to have fun with your presentation.


3. Only Takes 30 Minutes

Whenever you have a little difficulty getting an appointment, this language will almost always get you in the door:

“Mr. Thus and Such, if I’m with you more than 30 minutes [or however long your presentation takes], it’s because you’ve asked me to stay…fair enough?”


4. Let Them Off the Hook

If you provide the following Easy Exit before you begin your formal presentation, your prospects will give you their undivided attention and be more receptive, relaxed and comfortable throughout the presentation:

“Mr. and Ms. Thus and Such, if you feel the least bit uncomfortable with any part of my program, please stop me and I’ll be on my way. I want you to know that I’m the easiest network marketer in the world to get rid of.”


5. In a Hurry

If you let your prospects know you’re in kind of a hurry, they’ll get the message that you’re a busy, successful business person who’s not going to waste anybody’s time…especially your own. That will cause them to listen carefully to what you have to say. Here are some Easy Exit examples that will accomplish this:

“I’ve only got a minute to stay when I bring you the (video).”

“Just one quick question and I’ll be out of your way….”

“It only takes a few minutes to explain what I’m doing, and if you’re not interested, I’ll get out of your hair.” (Don’t say this to someone who is bald!)

Remember, Buffers and Easy Exits are not designed to mislead or misrepresent you or your company. They must be used with the highest degree of integrity. And when they are, they really work!


HILTON JOHNSON has been training
people in sales for three decades; he and
his wife Lisa are co-founders of MLM University®.