As professional networkers, we cherish the idea of freedom, yet we often confine that idea to dimensions of time and finance. In this column, the top networkers in our industry guide you to an even greater freedom available to you right now—personal freedom—by sharing how they live the principles of the Revolutionary Agreements.

In this issue, we focus on the Agreement #1: “I agree to live my mission.”

For Jamie Rhone, the challenges of achieving top dollar and top billing separated him from the family he loves. For Hannah Ineson, giving up painting to focus on her business became a detriment to her financial success. And Irene Zhu shares the true blessings in her life discovered through
network marketing.


Being the Best Father and Financially Free

Jamie Rhone couldn’t wait to graduate college and get on with becoming the richest, most powerful business leader of his generation. His consuming desire for time and financial freedom gave him the superhuman energy he needed to run his own consulting company in addition to his 9-to-5 job. He was on his way to fulfilling his dreams, when he got stopped cold in his tracks.

“Two years into my journey, my son was diagnosed with cancer,” says Jamie. I no longer was willing to make the sacrifices it would take to become rich and powerful.”

Jamie realized that what he’d been working so hard to attain was in front of him the whole time: quality time with those he loved. With the same zest in which he engaged his mind at work, he engaged his heart at home. He became the type of dad who would never miss a sporting event or school performance.

He was living his mission.

“Through my family’s successful battle with cancer, I learned that spending time with my son was more valuable than any amount of money or lofty corporate position.”

Jamie’s original goal of financial and time freedom still lingered, and once he began living his mission, a novel solution presented itself.

“When network marketing entered my life, it finally allowed me to have my cake and eat it, too. With networking, I set my own hours, I don’t have the hassles and stresses of a traditional business, and I’m able to achieve both my primary goals: being the best father in the world and achieving time and financial freedom.”

Today Jamie says, “I have everything I want by helping others get what they want.”


Discovering a Larger Purpose in Life

As a Chinese girl newly arrived in America at the age of 22, Irene Zhu sought a path to repay her mother for all that she had given to her.

“I was a good student, a good employee, working hard to make my mom proud,” says Irene—yet she soon found that the traditional American job route did not offer a promising financial future. Her search led her to Robert (Rich Dad Poor Dad) Kiyosaki and Networking Times.

“These helped me tremendously,” says Irene. “I realized I needed to open my own door to opportunity, that success doesn’t come to you—you must go to it! I did, and turned to network marketing business in hopes it would lead me to the financial rewards I wanted.”

But on the way to attaining her goals and making her mom proud through the fruits of her labor, something happened. Irene’s life experiences expanded her mission beyond financial success, to include being a good wife, mother, and friend. With her enlarged and extended sense of purpose, Irene’s goals in her network marketing business transformed from “financial success” into living her purpose every day.

“Today I understand that network marketing is hardly about the potential financial reward. It is about the blessings of living the lifestyle you want for your family every day, helping people meet their needs and desires, and serving a higher purpose. My mission is a wonderful journey through life!”


Art Serving Business Serving Art

Hannah Ineson is a woman of many talents. A successful watercolor artist and organic gardener, she also spent years teaching the healthy art and science of macrobiotics. As with so many who pursue the arts as a way of life, Hannah was challenged to financially support her pursuits. And like many who choose network marketing as their path to financial freedom, she ironically put those pursuits aside in order to create the residual income to be able to return to them someday.

Starting up her new networking business required all her time and attention.

“One aspect of network marketing I most appreciate is that I can empower others to become more fulfilled,” says Hannah. “At first, though, I didn’t have much energy left over for fulfilling my own dreams!”

During a lull in her business, she started painting again. Soon, her business picked up and she was busy networking again. Like all businesses, hers had its ups and downs, giving her time to paint. A pattern began to appear.

“I noticed that whenever I applied myself successfully to painting, my networking business would grow again as if by magic! When I started networking, my stated intention was to support my painting career. What I learned was that pursuing my art seems to be a necessary condition for success in my business!

“I now take an annual three-month sabbatical with my husband to travel to another part of the country where I paint, show, teach art, and participate in galleries. And I no longer find this strange: as a result, my networking business has kicked into high gear!”


Live your mission. Love your life. Grow your networking business. Thanks, Jamie, Irene, and Hannah, for sharing your stories of how living your mission serves you, your businesses and those you care about.


MARIAN HEAD is a network
marketing leader, contributing writer/editor to
Times and author of Revolutionary Agreements: Twelve Ways
to Transform Stress and Struggle Into Freedom and Joy.