If Barry Donalson weren’t such a successful network marketer, he could have been an amazing politician. Not that he’s expressed interest in a political career. It’s just that with his quick, smart style of making his point, it’s not hard to see Barry debating the country’s top politicians and tearing them to shreds.

While most politicians claim to come from humble beginnings, Barry actually does. Raised by his grandmother who earned $65 a week as a housekeeper, Barry grew up with a great mentor but little else. He learned to appreciate the value of a dollar, and even more, the value of such things as respect, diligence, education and love.

Politicians like people to believe that they “pulled themselves up by their own bootstraps,” but how many really did? Barry, for one. With the grades to get into college but not the money, Barry fought for every grant and loan he could get, arriving at the University of Arkansas with $15 in his pocket. He kept himself fed by working throughout his college years, still keeping his grades high enough to graduate in four years. Fresh out of school, he landed a great job as a regional manager with Toyota’s Lexus division.


Time, “Circumstances” and No System

About a year after Lexus had hired Barry, he was a rising star who liked his job but wanted more.

“I just felt there were bigger things out there for me,” remembers Barry. Then one day, a fellow employee at Lexus handed him a tape.

“I popped it in the car on the way home,” recalls Barry. He went to a meeting and signed up on the spot.

He worked his new business only a few hours a week, putting it behind his job, basketball, skiing and all his other favorite pastimes.

“I made a few hundred bucks in eight or nine months,” says Barry, “but that was all.” Before long Barry quit doing the networking business altogether.

Barry now recognizes that two obstacles kept him from succeeding early on. The first was circumstances.

“People have to get out of a place where they are plagued by circumstances,” Barry says, “and that doesn’t necessarily mean something negative. It could be an inheritance, a promotion…
anything that can stop you from succeeding.”

For Barry, the biggest “circumstance” in his way was ironically the success he was having at Lexus. With that kind of success, there was little motivation to devote himself seriously to his networking business.

The second obstacle was a negative: the lack of a proper, simple system.

“Many people get excited about a new opportunity but don’t have a system in place to fully capitalize on it,” Barry says. “That was me.”


Second Time’s a Charm

Four years after dropping out of network marketing, Barry was traveling in New York for a business meeting when a fraternity brother from his college days asked him to go to another network marketing meeting.

There were nearly 400 people in attendance and their energy and enthusiasm rekindled Barry’s entrepreneurial spirit.

“It got me excited about network marketing again—only this time, I decided, I was going to get serious about it.”

Barry cut out basketball, skiing and all his other extracurricular activities, and instead poured every minute outside of Lexus into calling people and attending meetings. Slowly, his business started to grow. Then, in 1995, he attended a certified college-level course in network marketing, where he got to hear first-hand from Mark Yarnell and Dr. Charles King.

“That weekend seminar made it all gel for me,” says Barry. “It taught me how to create a system, set goals and design my life.” A year later, Barry was making $100,000 annually, still working only part-time.

Two years later, he quit Lexus to devote himself full-time to network marketing. Over the next several years, he would be responsible for generating $50 million in total sales for his company, and earning $3 million for himself.


It’s All in the System

What were the keys to Barry’s extraordinary success? Overcoming two obstacles that had held him back: circumstances and lack of a system.

Barry “overcame” his success at Lexus by realizing that a corporate job would never fulfill him the way owning his own company would. Now he helps others overcome their personal circumstances by being in constant contact with them, guiding and pushing them “until they get strong enough to get through their circumstances on their own.”

At that point, people are ready to adopt his simple, three-step system:

First, Barry teaches new distributors his easy steps that practically guarantee anyone will start receiving checks right away, which builds confidence and belief in his system.

Then, Barry gets new distributors to begin teaching those steps to others, so their own downline builders achieve the same confidence and belief right away.

Finally, Barry uses train the trainer techniques so that everyone he brings into the opportunity—and everyone they bring in—are all fully capable of teaching others to teach the system. This creates a stream of walk-away income for everyone in his line.

How successful is the system? The numbers tell it all: Barry has been directly or indirectly involved with bringing 150,000 distributors into network marketing. An astonishing number—and not a bad constituent base to build from if Barry ever does choose to…but we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

After all, Barry really isn’t interested in politics. His passion is teaching the world how to achieve their full potential and realize their dreams.

If only our politicians had such lofty ambitions.