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Sample Webinar Course Descriptions

JOHN DILEMME: Three Steps to a Million Dollar Day (1-18)

Why not have a million-dollar day every day?! In this webinar, you’ll learn three specific steps to guarantee you a million-dollar day, empowering you to bridge the words “life” and “style” and live your million-dollar lifestyle!


HILTON JOHNSON: The Art of Professional Coaching (2-3)

You may already have the skills to be a successful coach and not even know it. I can help you to find out. In this webinar, I’m going to teach you how to coach your business to success. More importantly, I’m going to teach you the secret to making big money as a professional coach. It’s all in the coaching presentation.


TROY DOOLY: An Insider’s Secrets to Lead Generation (2-8)

This course will show you how to generate quality, targeted prospects, both online and offline, using the same proven techniques used by the most profitable lead-generation companies in the business. Topics range from copy writing, Internet marketing and creating a targeted marketing campaign to using customized domain names and penetrating the three largest demographic groups.


MICHAEL OLIVER: Addressing Things You Wish People Wouldn’t Say (2-9)

Ever hear people say, “Is this a pyramid?” “This is too expensive!” “I don’t have the time…”? How do you respond? Truth is, most people aren’t saying or thinking what you think they’re saying and thinking! And your preconceived thinking may be keeping you from achieving the success you’re looking for. In this interactive webinar you’ll learn how to understand what people are saying and meaning without “handling” them as “objections.”


BRIAN KLEMMER: Getting Your Downline to Truly Own Their Own Businesses (2-15)

Do you dream about the time freedom everyone brags about (but rarely has) because you’re constantly motivating, manipulating or threatening your downline to take action in their business? Do you find yourself solving your downline’s problems—and then being blamed for their lack of success? In this webinar, discover the hidden key to true time freedom and success.


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FREE Live Webinar Schedule

January/February 2005


1/4 Steve Siebold: How to Conquer the Cold Market

1/5 Max Steingart: Instant Message Your Way to Success on the Internet

1/6 Hilton Johnson: The Six Most Important Questions in Networking Marketing

1/6–8 More Heart Than Talent: Live NU Event, Dallas, Texas

1/11 Beatty Carmichael: The Lazy Man’s Way to Killer Recruiting

1/12 Gary Ryan Blair: Got Goals? Your Future Depends Upon It!

1/13–16 Enjoy and Grow Rich: Live NU Event, Napa Valley, CA

1/18 John DiLemme: Three Steps to a Million-Dollar Day

1/20 Paula Pritchard: Recruiting Made Simple (introduction)

1/25 Todd Falcone: How to Work Leads Effectively

1/26 Rene Yarnell: Building a Simple Duplicable Networking Organization

1/27 Denise Michaels: Testosterone-Free Marketing



2/1 Paula Pritchard: Recruiting Made Simple (part 2)

2/2 Lisa Jiménez: Rich Life

2/3 Hilton Johnson: The Art of Professional Coaching

2/8 Troy Dooly: An Insider’s Secrets to Successful Lead Generation

2/9 Michael Oliver: Addressing Things You Wish People Wouldn’t Say

2/10 Johnny Wimbrey: How to Take Your Team From Ordinary to Extraodinary in Less Than 30 Days!

2/15 Brian Klemmer: Getting Your Distributors to Truly Own Their Own Businesses

2/16 Ron Marks: How to Motivate Sales People

2/17 Barry Donalson: How to Handle Negativity

2/22 Richard Brooke: topic to be announced

2/23 Wendy Weiss: Prospect, Profit and Prosper


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