There are probably no two people in America who have done more to “move the heart of business” than Paul Newman and A.E. Hotchner. In 1980, the two long-time friends launched a homespun business, almost as a lark, marketing Paul’s homemade salad dressing through a few local stores. A quarter-century later, the Newman’s Own natural-foods juggernaut has changed the face of American philanthropy. They have given away over $150 million of the company’s profits (that’s 100 percent) to a host of charities and garnered widespread recognition for their good works—including an honorary Oscar® for Newman in recognition of his charity work. Their camp for children with life-threatening diseases, The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp, has inspired a string of parallel ventures around the world. Newman’s partner “Hotch,” a journalist, novelist and playwright best known for Papa Hemingway, his biography of long-time pal Ernest Hemingway, talks with Networking Times about their Newman’s Own adventures and about commitment and risk.