Network marketing’s primary mission is to help people to achieve their life dreams through purposeful work, with successful people, through a productive process—and in so doing, to make the world a better place in which to live.

This is very unusual for a business. Indeed, it is what distinguishes network marketing from most other commercial endeavors.

Most businesses are designed to create a product or service and merchandise it in a marketable way, extracting the greatest profit possible so that shareholders or owners will derive the maximum return on investment. That’s how we judge success and measure performance. In this context, all those people who are engaged in the work of the company not as owners are employees, people who work for hire and whose job is ultimately to help the owners make money.

Network marketing turns this model completely on its head—the companies’ owners actually work for the “employees”! What inspires me about network marketing is that it focuses on the individual, couple or family involved. It says, “You can control your own destiny by the amount of time, energy, heart and soul investment you’re willing to make.” This empowers people, rather than restricting them.

When working as an employee (in the more conventional business), it’s easy to become boxed in by the limitations of your job description and find that, should you go beyond those limitations, you enter a whole new zone—the company’s political environment! Now suddenly you’re concerned about stepping on people’s toes or being accused of trying to “show off.”

In network marketing, these issues are never a concern. Everyone knows that “if it’s to be, it’s up to me,” and you are encouraged to perform to your full potential.

Along with its profound sense of mission, network marketing also involves a strong sense of vision and values. This is crucial; your mission is only as powerful as your vision. It’s wonderful to say, “My mission is to accomplish X,” but if you don’t have a vision as to what to do when you get to X, then you could be moving forward but not really getting to where you want to go. And a vision is driven by values.

One common value in network marketing is quality. If you don’t render quality, you can’t sell your goods to very many people. (At least not more than once!) Another is motivation. When do we be-come motivated? When our emotions become invested, when we really believe in the work, when we see results from it. When we see its impact.

That’s the mission of network marketing: to have a genuine impact on our world by working through individuals who want to achieve their dreams.


NIDO QUBEIN is one of the country’s most illustrious philanthropists and businessmen. He is President of the National Speakers Association and President of High Point University in High Point, NC.