I once read a comic strip picturing a herd of hundreds of faceless, indistinguishable sheep. In their midst, one sheep stood on his hind legs shouting, “Don’t you get it? We don’t have to be just sheep!”

Despite its humor, the comic accurately depicts conventional wisdom. Most believe we are defined and limited by our backgrounds and past actions—that these factors determine what we can accomplish in the future. When the rare person rejects this thinking and tries to escape the yoke of limiting beliefs, conspirators come out of the woodwork to keep the upstart “in his place.”

Network marketing is different. Instead of bowing to such constraints, the professionals in network marketing commit themselves to becoming the best they can be—and are equally committed to helping others do the same.

This is the one constant I’ve discovered in true leaders across network marketing. We may hail from different backgrounds and have different interests, skills, experiences and goals, but we share an underlying belief in unlimited potential. We reject the notion that the past equals the future, instead recognizing that everyone has something significant to contribute. We are dedicated to helping those who have embraced this knowledge to have, do and ultimately be more than they currently are. This commitment is what makes our approach to business the greatest in the world.

Our profession’s accomplishments are remarkable: Tens of thousands of full-time moms and dads have achieved that status through networking; organizations that improve lives have been built and supported; for some, networking has provided that second chance that allowed them to leave behind a troubled past. In some cases, networking has saved lives.

I know a woman who was in a terrible accident and slipped into a coma. When she awoke, she couldn’t walk, talk, or read; she didn’t know the meanings of the simplest things. Doctors said she would never work again. While coping with the despair this pronouncement brought with it, she was introduced to network marketing—and it gave her the motivation and support to prove the doctors wrong. Today she is an emerging leader who has relearned all she had forgotten and developed many new skills as well. Asked recently to explain why she is involved with networking, she said, “I do this business because I can!”

I’ve met thousands of people who are better because of network marketing. That, in a nutshell, is the primary mission of our profession: to make the world better, one life at a time.

And perhaps, in the pro-cess, a multitude of people will discover that they are indeed, more than “just sheep.”

networker and founder of The Millionaires Club, through which he intends to create 500 millionaires within five years.