Both sides of this profession—distributor and corporate—contribute important and unique characteristics to network marketing’s overall mission: to offer economic and time independence to field forces.

This can become the ultimate in personal and family security. The freedom networking can deliver is based on personal effort rather than on financial investment, heritage, specific education or other more traditional business factors. Anyone can become a successful independent network marketer, with desire, discipline and hard work being the qualifying criteria.

Perhaps because of this simplicity, relatively few people who try network marketing catch the vision of the true possibilities for freedom and personal satisfaction. Once one has grasped this vision, it is almost impossible for a successful network marketer to leave for any other industry or profession.

The concept of succeeding in business by helping others do the same is a major part of our profession’s mission. It builds a bond within a field force different from those in traditional business. This too provides immense personal satisfaction. That same attitude can pervade the corporate side of the business as well. Without an efficient support organization to provide products, services, pay and rewards, independent distributors could not fulfill their goals. Corporate employees can share in the mission of providing freedom and opportunities for others while having certain benefits of traditional employment. This synergy is often not given its due. Corporate employees must recognize how they benefit from helping to fulfill the mission also, even if somewhat vicariously.

Another significant contribution network marketing makes to the world around us is its inverse relationship to local economies. When times are hard and opportunities are few, the doors of network marketing are open wide, both for distributors and corporate employees. Well-run networking companies hit their stride when times are tough. Most industries falter when the economy is challenged, which makes the mission—and the opportunity—even more distinctly unique.

Both sides of network marketing support these aspects of the mission. While the field force is most concerned with their own day-to-day challenges and enjoys the ultimate benefits of network marketing, corporate folks have to focus on the strategies that will fulfill the mission of the industry, making the success of the field force possible. The stronger and more interlinked this partnership, the better the experience for all involved with the business.


is a veteran field leader and CEO
of an international network marketing company.