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Sample Webinar Course Descriptions

BARRY DONALSON: How to Become a Full-Time Networker! (11/10)

Most people are never taught how to win in the game of network marketing and simply join companies not really knowing what to do. This course teaches all the critical elements of building a massive organization in your company while succeeding in all areas of business relationships.


JERRY CLARK: Three Keys to Increasing Your Productivity and Profitability by 300 Percent or More (in Six Months or Less) (12/7)

The three power principles guaranteed to increase your productivity and profitability almost overnight; the one insight that automatically provides you with the clarity to decide, the enthusiasm to begin, and the persistence to continue on the journey toward excellence; and much more.


BRIAN KLEMMER: The Three Rs—The Hidden Keys to Great Relationships (12/14)

Learn how to significantly improve the relationships in your business with prospects, downline and upline; learn how to avoid the single biggest reason for turnover in your business; find the key to dealing with non-supportive family and friends; create a strong downline who stick with you when the going gets tough.


WENDY WEISS: The Five Secrets of Prospecting Success (12/15)

Is your prospect pipeline brimming with possibilities? If your answer is, “Well…not really,” then this session is for you. Learn how to create an effective prospecting system that quickly uncovers possibilities; find the solid prospects and eliminate the shoppers; create a stress-free, consistent follow-up system; and be persistent without being pushy.


DR. PETER PEARSON: Reducing Holiday Stress—The Key for a Happy (and Prosperous) New Year (12/16)

For many, holidays bring an extra helping of stress. Too much to do, too little time. Not enough time with family. Too much time with family! Is it possible to learn a rapid way to reduce holiday stress? There is—and it’s Networking Times’s gift to you. Give yourself and your loved ones the gift of a calm and peaceful you.


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FREE Live Webinar Schedule

November/December 2004


11/2 Steve Siebold: Mental Toughness Mastery

11/3 Richard Brooke: Listening Through Objections

11/4 Kathy Robbins: How to Get the Most Out of Your People

11/9 Beatty Carmichael: Killer Secrets to Telephone Recruiting

11/10 Barry Donalson: How to Become a Full Time Networker

11/11 Ron Marks: It’s About Time

11/16 Michael Oliver: Eliminating Objections Completely

11/17 Lisa Jiménez: Living Your Rich Life

11/18 Jim Bunch: How to Play and Win the Game of Life

11/23 Dale Calvert: How to Create Leads with Funded Proposals and Online Auctions

11/29 Randy Gage: Secrets of Successful Sponsoring

11/30 Mark Helsel: Making December your Best Month with Retail Sales



12/1 John Di Lemme: Seven Keys to Earn One Million Dollars

12/7 Jerry Clark: Three Keys to Increasing your Performance Level by 300 Percent or More (in Six Months or Less)

12/8 Todd Falcone: How to Work Leads Effectively

12/9 David Stewart: Taking Our Profession to Professionals

12/14 Brian Klemmer: The Three Rs—The Hidden Keys to Great Relationships

12/15 Wendy Weiss: The Five Secrets of Prospecting Success

12/16 Dr. Peter Pearson: Reducing Holiday Stress—The Key for a Happy (and Prosperous) New Year

12/21 Winter Recess

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