Double Dip

How to Run A Values-Led Business and Make Money, Too

By Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield

The co-founders of the legendary Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream (Cohen is also president and founder of Business Leaders for Sensible Priorities) draw on stories of companies (theirs and others’) to illustrate how commitments to worthy social causes results in unprecedented customer and employee loyalty—and increased profit. Double Dip inspires and informs, as it imparts the nuts and bolts of values-led finance, retailing and human resources. An especially relevant guide for those motivated to create a values-led business that makes money while benefiting the entire community.

Paperback: 304 pages, $18, Simon & Schuster.


What Matters Most

How a Small Group of Pioneers Is Teaching Social Responsibility to Big Business, and Why Big Business Is Listening

By Jeffrey Hollender and Stephen Fenichell

Seventh Generation CEO Jeffrey Hollender makes a strong case for changing our perspective on what constitutes business performance and success in an era when consumers, shareholders and the public are demanding honest, harmless and humane practices.

When do core values conflict with business goals and commitments? Does being a responsible business really cost shareholders more money? Hollender is intimately familiar with these challenges, and is supported by those who have also struggled with the merging of financial success and social responsibility, including Ben & Jerry, Anita Roddick of the Body Shop, and Nell Newman of Newman’s Own Organics.

As one reader/reviewer exclaims, “If you have any interest in changing the way business relates to the rest of society so we all can see a better future, get this book!”

Hardcover: 280 pages, $26,
Basic Books.


Visionary Business

An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Success

By Marc Allen

In the spirit of Richard Bach’s Illusions and Tom Peters’s In Search of Excellence, Marc Allen shows that entrepreneurial success is far more than the ability to be financially savvy. As founder and president of his own successful corporation, he shares personal stories to illustrate how the power of purpose and vision took him from a small start-up with no capital to become a major contributor in the world.

While based in the world of management and employees, many of Allen’s “25 Principles and Practices of Visionary Business” are universally applicable, sensible keys to success in any business and every life.

Paperback: 171 pages, $12.95, New World Library.