A little over three years ago, compelled by a strong desire to create a blueprint for a new kind of business built on our most cherished values, we founded Gabriel Media Group, Inc. and launched Networking Times as a vehicle to usher in an evolutionary change: Global Prosperity Through a Philanthropic Economy®. Since then, together with a like-minded, deeply motivated and talented team, we have brought to readers all over the world:

…and that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

In the summer of 2003 we started to host live “Webinars” (web-based training programs) with some of the most well-recognized educators in professional networking and personal growth.

In March 2003 we founded Networking University and integrated our online educational programs into an innovative curriculum towards professional certification. Now, over a year later, we’ve had over 50,000 course registrations. Networkers in the Netherlands and Sweden regularly set their alarms for 3 A.M. so they can take advantage of our online courses, most of which can be audited for free. People are signing in from places as diverse as Dubai, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, UK, Singapore and Slovenia to participate in these live educational opportunities because the caliber and quality of our faculty is just too good to miss.

Danah Zohar has said, “A critical mass of people, acting from their highest motivations, can shift the dominant features of a whole culture, be it that of a family, a community, an organization or a whole global culture like capitalism.” We all want to make a difference with our lives. We all share this basic human need—and this need is recognized and nurtured through education.

Education changes everything!


JOSEPHINE GROSS, Ph.D. and CHRIS GROSS are co-founders of Gabriel Media Group, Inc. the publisher of Networking Times.