Stairway to Success
When you follow a system, each act is connected to the one before and the one after, like a set of stairs, leading you from one
level to the next: a stairway to success.

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Books no networker can afford to ignore * To hype or not to hype? * A schedule of forthcoming Networking University "webinars" * Quotations about systems.

Our Times
A panel of four guest editors debate the question, "Do systems work?"

The Wedding Factor
Shannon Anima
The skills it takes to be a successful networker are not complex nor highly specialized, nor is following a script the key to successful contacting. What it takes are the sorts of simple, commonsense social graces that apply to any social interaction.

Customizing the System
Hannah Ineson
Every network marketer can benefit from a training system, so long as it's coherent enough to duplicate, yet flexible enough to accommodate individualization. Ineson offers a simple, customizable business plan any distributor can use to chart his or her path to success.

"Network Marketing Just Doesn't Work for Me..."
Jamie Rhone
Rhone relates an experience with a superstar salesman he enrolled, whose polished sales skills were getting him nowhere. The man's business turned around when Jamie supplied what was missing: a simple, consistent, duplicable business system.


Brain Dos and Don'ts
Dr. Daniel Amen
One of the world's foremost authorities on the brain, neurochemistry and behavior offers a fascinating list of 35 things to do--and another 35 not to do--to maintain optimum health in that most precious of systems: your nervous system.

What Are You Duplicating?
Teresa Romain
"You can't pour new wine into old wineskins." And if the new wine in question is the abundant potential of your exciting business opportunity, says Romain, it's crucial you take a close look at the existing wineskin of your attitudes and beliefs concerning abundance and scarcity. That old wineskin just might be tainting your new wine.

Network Marketing on the Dark Side of the Moon
Author of the runaway business best-seller, The E-Myth Revisited, Michael Gerber has dedicated his career to serving small businesses everywhere, helping them find a core of sanity and productivity by developing the critical "turnkey" system elements to make their businesses work--and even duplicate. In this interview, Gerber talks about everything from why most network marketers needlessly emulate Neo in The Matrix to what network marketing could learn from AA and 12-step programs.

The Magic of Structure
Intrigued with the work of Peter Senge and Robert Fritz (both past subjects of Networking Times lead stories) on systems theory and continuous learning, international marketing consultant and successful network marketer Rick Tonita applied their thinking and the results of other leading research to the question: what should a successful network marketing business look like? His results: a powerful formula that has his clients putting prospects on waiting lists.

A Mother's Love, a World of Children
Dee Mower's experiences as a child burned into her a lifelong mission to take care of the world's children, but it would be only many years later, with the international growth and maturation of the network marketing company she co-founded, that this mission would find its eventual expression. What started as a very personal journey for Dee has now reached out and touched the lives of children all over the world, included many in Romania who suffered atrocities under the Ceaucescu regime.

Record-Breaking Success, With Love
In less than 24 months, Tony and Randi Escobar built a network organization of more than 100,000 people--a feat that has attracted the attention of the Guinness Book of World Records--and they did it by nurturing their relationships with friends, by educating, informing and edifying them. Their mission, passion and quest is to enrich people's lives; as a byproduct, they enrich their own.

A Real-Life Movie
Roger Kaman quit his job as a policeman to join his wife Tracy running their booming chain of convenience stores--until the recession of the late 90s forced them out of business and took their home. For a while, the Kamans and their four children lived the life of a nomad troupe, living in homes-for-sale and moving from property to property, until they found their way to network marketing.

Freedom From a Wheelchair
Billie Jo Fiege was an active, dynamic teacher until a bad case of postpartum depression turned into a full-blown and utterly debilitating case of fibromyalgia. For over two years, she was bedridden and barely able to move, until an acupuncturist suggested Billie Jo try replacing her usual personal care products with some toxin-free versions. Within a month, her hair began growing back; two years later, her health and vitality were back, and along with them, an unstoppable new business.

To Forgive
Julie Abarzua
In the wake of Sept. 11, 2001 and her own mother's battle with death in the ICU, Annie Hunter is shaken into a startling realization: all her life she has held onto a sense of anger and blame toward others, when all along it has been her own choices that have brought her into the difficulties with which she's struggled.

Finding People's Unique Motivators
Steve Siebold
Amateur coaches motivate primarily through logic. Professional coaches motivate primarily through emotion. Siebold shows how to discover each team member's unique motivators to create a culture of unshakable loyalty.

The Power of Appreciation
Bob Burg
In a continuation of last issue's column on appreciation ("The Ultimate Prospecting Strategy"), Burg shows how even something as simple as a morning cup of coffee can open up an extraordinary world of gratitude and appreciation.

Natural Prospecting
Todd Falcone
"Most people make prospecting out to be far more difficult than it really is. After all, it's just a conversation, a connection with another person, isn't it?" So saying, Falcone offers perspectives on how to make your prospecting conversations as straightforward and unthreatening as booking an airline reservation.

You Can Master the Phone
Amy Posner
Leads specialist Amy Posner knows how to use the telephone to convert qualified leads into customers and business partners. The biggest problem people have in this process, says Amy, is that they often don't give themselves enough time and people to allow the law of numbers to work its magic.

The Seven Great Laws of Sales
Dawn Siebold
Sales master Siebold presents a timeless primer of these seven great laws: assess their needs; prepare; listen; ask for the order; follow up; over-deliver; ask for referrals. "Every time I've ever blown a sale," says Siebold, "I find that I've broken one or more of these seven laws."

The Best Plan
John David Mann
If you're pitching people on the unique value of your company's comp plan, stop. You're actually hurting your credibility, not helping it. Common sense tells us that comp plans don't earn you money; volume does. "A good comp plan is as Lao Tzu described a good government: it doesn't get in the way of the flow."