There is absolutely a skill you can develop to master the phone. Entire books have been written about it, training courses developed to teach it, and still, so many of us expect to be experts at it right away. The problem with this is when you let yourself get discouraged right off the bat, and never get to enough numbers to find out the amazing truth:

It's not about you--it's about them!

There is an expression that fits our business: "You can't give the right information to the wrong person or the wrong information to the right person." This is so true! If the person you're speaking to is simply not interested, you can be the best presenter in the world, have all the facts at your fingertips and proof of the products at the ready--and he just isn't going to get in your business! On the other hand, you can be brand new, uninformed, stumbling, not have half the answers to their questions...and if they like what you've got, they'll join your business in spite of you! It does happen; I've seen it time and time again.

Even the really skilled callers are not good all the time. Mood can influence us, the time of year, the weather, all sorts of uncontrollable factors. We're wired that way, so we need to get into the flow, to settle down and do the work to be really effective.

And that means working the numbers.

You Don't Have To Be Good At It--Just Be At It
If you sit down, make two or three calls and find only people who aren't home, aren't interested or swear they never asked for any information to begin with, it can seem like a dim proposition all around. But if you persist and make 20 to 30 calls that session, you are going to find interested people.

It's in the numbers.

Remember, you aren't looking for every person you call to sign up. (Or maybe you are, but it doesn't work that way!) If you can sign up one, two, three or four people out of 100, you'll be doing about average, and over time, "average" can build a very significant business. Over time, too, some people's numbers grow signifi-
cantly higher.

But you've got to make the calls.

So many people base their results on so few calls. It always surprises me how quick people are to judge whether or not "this is working for them." After ten or 20 calls, you simply can't know! It takes time and practice. You don't even have to be really good at it, you just have to be at it!

The Beauty of Internet Leads
Working with Internet leads is not magic, it's simply a convenient way to work the cold market. In years past we used to spend our money on other media, such as newspaper, radio and magazine ads. Sometimes we generated a lot of interest and had a lot of people to call; sometimes the response was dismal. Even when we did get a good response, we still had to sort through lots of tire-kickers, people who were really looking for a job, and people who just plain weren't interested in what we had to offer.

Being from a marketing background, my partner and I figured if we advertised enough and found enough people to respond, eventually we'd find a couple of players and they'd bring others in. That's exactly what happened, but it took years of trial and error, call-backs and follow-up, and lots of money too. Some days we questioned whether we were crazy, but we knew other people had made it work and we could too. Our persistence paid off.

It was in the numbers.

Here's the thing about buying leads that is so different and so much better than running ads the way we used to: you can buy a fixed number of names and plan your work! In our advertising days, some weeks would be crazy-busy with hordes of people to call; some weeks we had no response at all--lots of time and nobody to talk to. Then we'd have to spend more money, not knowing if that ad would pull either.

Still, buying leads is not buying distributors: You still need to get the information into their hands, follow up, follow up and follow up. But the beauty of it is, you don't have to do the marketing yourself. You can leave that to someone else, which frees up a lot of your time (to say nothing of money) so you can focus on what you want to accomplish: bringing new people and new customers into your business.

Give Yourself Time
Perhaps the single most important factor in your success is to give yourself enough time to work your business and enough people to talk to. Interested people are out there--in the millions!--but you have to talk to them. That's really what our business boils down to: the more people you tell your company's story to, the more people you will find who get it.

The people earning the most money in your company are the people who have heard "No" the most times, the people who are stood up the most. The equation looks like this: four or five yeses, 95 or 96 nos--but that's four or five new people in your business. Do that every month, teach them to do the same, and you'll create that exponential equation that allows you to call all the shots for you and your family. Don't worry about the other 96; they're not going to pay for your kids' college education, your new car or your retirement. Focus on finding those few out of the 100 who are the right people...the ones who recognize what you're doing, and say "Yes."

This is a people business: the key is to find the right people. And the secret to that?

It's in the numbers.

is a veteran
network marketer and CEO of LeadsLab,
an Internet lead service
for network marketers.