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Our FREE Webinars series is a part of the full course curriculum of Networking University (NU).

About Networking University
Networking University (NU) was designed in conjunction with Networking Times to support a career path training that increases your potential of success.

The NU curriculum includes a wide variety of Webinars, "E-learning" courses, lectures, live seminars and offsite weekend courses featuring experiential learning exercises. Courses are designed to benefit networkers at all levels, from "Your First Day in the Business" entry-level material to hard-hitting training aimed at seasoned veterans.

The Three Faces of Your Business
Most networking companies provide excellent training on their products and services, but little training in three other areas critical to your networking success: personal development, professional development and business development. That's why the NU program has been organized into three distinct areas:

Including such topics as: personal vision, mission and goals; building confidence and belief, understanding abundance, and communication skills, such as speaking and listening.  

Including such topics as: understanding network marketing; duplication and the meaning of leverage; identifying and attracting customers; warm and cold market approaches; follow-up and follow-through; team-building; selling skills and closing techniques; tracking progress; ethics; and coaching.  


Including such topics as: your home office, legal business structures, taxes and accounting, website design, contact management, financial management, and planning for retirement.

Professional Certification
Participation in a full course load and demonstration of the core competencies they teach leads to a Professional Certification by the University.

NOTE: In order to enroll in Networking University and receive full course credit for Webinars towards certification, you must be a registered NU member and tuition charges apply. However, all Webinars may be audited (i.e., with no credits applied) at no charge.



FREE Live Webinar Schedule

September/October 2004



9/1 Jerry Clark: Three Sure-Fire Steps to Earning at Least $20,000 per Month for Life

9/7 Dr. Tom Barrett: Focus: Where Fortunes Are Won...and Lost

9/8 Jim Bunch: The Happy, Healthy, Wealthy Game

9/9 David Stewart: Taking Our Profession to the Professional

9/14 Beatty Carmichael: The Lazy Man's Way to Killer Recruiting

9/15 John Fogg: Why Mess with Success: Get Rich Slow

9/21 Dale Calvert: How to Create Eager, Responsive Local Prospects From Your Own Hometown

9/22 Hilton Johnson: The Script for Making Lead Calls Irresistible

9/23 Dr. Pearson: Painless Change

9/28 Lisa Jiménez: Creating a Success Mind-Set and Living Your Rich Life!

9/29 Jeff Combs: The Psychology of Prospecting

9/30 Jeff Packard: The Most Important Skill to Development


10/5 Wendy Weiss: Prospect, Profit and Prosper

10/6 Todd Falcone: Mastering the Art of Effective Story-Telling

10/7 John Di Lemme: Three Steps to a Million-Dollar Day

10/12 Richard Brooke: Mach II, the Art of Vision and Self-Motivation

10/13 Doug Firebaugh: The 7 Secrets of Turning Every Conversation into a Million-Dollar Moment

10/15­17 Mastermind Event in Orlando, Florida (Note: Free NU scholarship for all attendees)

10/19 Brian Klemmer: The Success Formula of Champions

10/20 Kim Klaver: If My Product's So Good, Why Can't I Sell It?

10/26 Max Steingart: On the Internet, the World is Your Warm Market

10/27 Mark Helsel: What Customers Want


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COURSE CREDIT: In order to enroll in Networking University and receive course credit for Webinars, along with any of our E-Learning Courses or other NU programs, towards certification, charges apply. However, all Webinars may be audited (i.e., no credits applied) at no charge.