What are systems? Why do we have them? Who creates them, and how? The answers to these questions are the secrets to success for those who want to win, who have the discipline to follow a proven method and have no desire to reinvent the wheel.

A system is the orderly expression of a clearly defined image. Ask anyone who enjoys great success and she will likely point to a step-by-step path she follows day-in and day-out: a system.

A well-known rule for success is to "begin with the end in mind": see where you're going before you start. An image brings order to your mind; without it, you have confusion. Observe most people's behavior and you'll see that there is no single, embracing, clearly defined image in their mind. Great success is enjoyed by only a few, but is available to all. Anyone can move easily from a life of lack and limitation to one of abundance by following proven systems.

I recently wrote the foreword for a book for realtors titled Distinguishing Marks of a Leader (written, oddly enough, by a man named Mark Leader!). I pointed out that most people wish for a quantum leap in their income, but very few actually make the serious decision to go there. Mark Leader made that decision, followed through on that decision and made it happen. Then, like a master astronomer who charts with perfect precision the movements of the planets, Mark logged every move he made so he could lead others to the time and money freedom he enjoys. Any real estate agent who follows Mark's system will enjoy the same success he enjoys.

Many years ago, Andrew Carnegie realized that no one had yet written a system for success. He commissioned Napoleon Hill to take on the challenge. He introduced Hill to some of the world's most successful entrepreneurs and after 25 years of research, Hill realized that there was a pattern (a system) they all followed. He shared this system with the world in a series of books called the Laws of Success. From these books came the book, Think and Grow Rich. I can tell you from personal experience, Think and Grow Rich is a system that will enable you to enjoy great success.

Without a system, you will spend your days involved in activities that, for the most part, have no relationship to each other. However, when you follow a system, each act is connected to the one before and the one after, like a set of stairs, leading you from one level to the next.

That's what a system is: a stairway to success that will enable you to move up and on to realize your dreams.


BOB PROCTOR is Publisher of Networking Times.