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Every networker marketer has at some point been given some version of this seminal teaching: "It's the system." But is that true? And what does it mean?

After the importance of enthusiastic testimonials from product users, the idea of the "simple, duplicable system" is probably the single most widely espoused and universally acknowledged business strategy in our industry. It is so central to our business model that its intrinsic value and central importance are practically beyond question. A system, of course - it's hardwired into the idea of network marketing, right? Perhaps. But what kind of system? Just one, or many? A system (or systems) for doing exactly what? Designed by whom? And how? And for that matter, just what the heck is a system?

For this issue's penetrating look at systems in networking, we spoke to two of the masters of systems: Michael Gerber, best-selling author of The E-Myth Revisited, whose renowned name is practically synonymous with the idea of the turnkey system and whose slogan, "Go to work on your business, not in your business," became a rallying cry for the last several generations of networkers; and entrepreneur/ researcher Rick Tonita, who has studiously applied some of the world's leading (and leading-edge) scientific research to the question of what makes the ideal network marketing structure.

In addition to Gerber and Tonita, we feature a procession of columnists all holding forth on various aspects of systems in networking, from a customizable strategic business plan (Ineson) and a "seven laws" sales system (Dawn Siebold) to the attitudes and values underlying your systems (e.g., Anima, Burg, Rhone and Romain).

Finally, we ask four guest editors and master networkers - John Milton Fogg, Randy Gage, Marian Head and Mary Nelson - to debate the question, "Do systems work in network marketing?" Their answers may surprise you. Now it's your turn!

Are systems working for you? If so, how - and if not, how? We want to know! To participate, just log in and interact!

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This Issue's Forum:

"Do Systems Work in Network Marketing?"

Sept 1 - Oct 31, 2004