Revolutionary Agreements is a delightful and practical approach to living a positive life. Sharing real-life stories at work, at home and in the world, Networking Times's own Marian Head reveals principles thousands have used to do exactly what the book's subtitle promises: to "transform stress and struggle into freedom joy." Opening with definitions of the title concepts (revolutionary: a fundamental change of paradigm; evolution: a peaceful process of unfolding and growth; agreements: harmony of opinion, implying a course of action), Head then invites the reader to join her in a revolution to create a positive world of positive lives, despite today's prevailing paradigms of negativity.

The twelve agreements she offers as tools to effect this revolution are simple, practical and profound; for example, "I agree to live my mission," "I agree to look within when I react," "I agree to honor our choices," and "I agree to see the best in myself and others." These 12 are organized within three unifying principles: Truth (to be who I am); Acceptance (to accept others for who they are); and Gratitude (to appreciate the gift of this moment).

From the mundane to the extraordinary, the personal to the political, the heartwarming to the hilarious, Head lovingly brings these 12 agreements to life, with examples, anecdotes and explorations culled from her 20 years of experience in using these life principles to create a life that works. From surmounting the common challenges of marriage and parenthood, to effectively managing work, corporate and community relations, the Agreements have been used in situations that have affected hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.

For example, one story takes us on Head's journey to coordinate the program for a revolutionary conference of Soviet and American citizen-leaders at the close of the cold war, bringing together former enemies to launch relationships and collaborative efforts that subtly reshaped history. Others take us to the most intimate settings, sharing how Head has dealt with such personal issues as the death of a parent or everyday struggles in the life of her son Michael.

Twelve easy-to-read chapters show how you can apply the Agreements wherever you go to reduce unwanted drama in your life and increase inner peace. Each chapter puts its Agreement into larger perspective with "Words of Wisdom," selections of quotations ranging from ancient wisdom to modern insights, followed by a "Focus on Today" section of practical exercises designed to help the reader apply that Agreement immediately--the perfect combination of inspiration and practical guidance.

Buckminster Fuller once said (as quoted in the book) that he never thinks about beauty when solving a problem, but when he's finished he knows if the solution isn't beautiful, it's wrong. This book is a true work of beauty in its simplicity and authenticity; it is a manifesto of hope for transforming our daily lives--and our global future.

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