One of the single greatest discoveries I have ever made as a mental toughness coach is that all of us have everything we need inside of us to be as successful as we choose.

In the mid-eighties, when I was struggling to become a professional tennis player, I used to wonder what secret ingredient I was missing that was holding me back. I was convinced by everyone around me that I had the talent to succeed, yet I never seemed to be able to fully reach my potential.

Have you ever felt this way about your network marketing business? Your upline is constantly telling you how great you are, yet your results don't seem to match up? If this describes your situation, don't feel bad. I felt this way my entire 17-year tennis career. And you and I are not alone. Most would-be achievers and super-achievers I've coached over the years have experienced the same thing. They speak of an inner voice that keeps telling them that they have what it takes to live their dreams...yet somehow the results are not there.



Thirteen years ago, on a hot summer morning in 1991, in the middle of a set of bench presses, I finally figured it out.

For years I had been looking for the magic key that would unlock the door to success--and I had looked everywhere except inside the confines of my own mind. The inner voice had been trying to tell me this for years, but I hadn't listened. I'd always believed the answer was located outside of myself.

I decided to double the number of personal development books and tapes I was listening to, and see if the speakers and authors could help trigger the dormant wisdom inside my mind. The results were almost immediate. Instead of just reading or listening to these resources, I began studying them like a scientist. I never went anywhere without a personal development book and yellow highlighter. I ferociously consumed cassettes and filled yellow legal pads with copious notes on each one. And little by little, my life began to change.

Especially when I added the final ingredient: silence.

When I took time to meditate, visualize, or simply stop talking, the answers began to flood my mind. The books and tapes served as a catalyst to my own inner thoughts and ideas; the silence revealed them directly to me.

I had been reading about this phenomenon for years, but had written it off as pop psychology mumbo jumbo. I simply didn't know what I didn't know. The answer to all my challenges was inside my mind all along; getting quiet was the secret to gaining access.

If I told you that after this breakthrough, I was able to fulfill all of my potential immediately, I would be lying. But little changes in my results did start to happen immediately. Right away, I began to find myself feeling more confident, hopeful and happy. And in the thirteen years since, I've lived many of the visions I created in those quiet moments of meditation and silence. I've had a lot of help and a lot of luck, but I believe that most of the answers were locked inside of me from birth, just waiting to be heard. I had heard the little voice trying to guide me all of my life, but had been too ignorant to recognize its wisdom.


What About You?

Are you at a crossroads in your business? Do you know you have what it takes, yet haven't seen the results? Are you frustrated watching others walk across the stage while you sit in the audience trying to be happy for them while racking your brains to figure out why it isn't you up there?

Again, you're not alone. The good news is you have the answer locked away in that billion-dollar think-tank sitting on your shoulders.

All you have to do is get quiet and listen.

Experts agree that most of us are using only two to three percent of our brains' potential. What if you could get quiet enough to access just a few percent more? Would it change your life?

Here are my top five ways of getting quiet and accessing our massive brainpower:


LISTEN. Stop talking and start listening to the inner workings of your mind. Having been a big mouth my whole life, I've been failing at this for years. But I notice when I talk less, I tend to hear more of my inner workings.


MEDITATE. You don't have to become a monk to meditate. Simply close your eyes for 15 or 20 minutes and focus on your breathing. Listen to the sounds of silence.


VISUALIZE YOUR DREAMS. Invest a few minutes every morning when you wake up reading and visualizing your goals and dreams. Do the same before you go to sleep at night.

MONITOR YOUR SELF-TALK. Begin a never-ending effort to upgrade all of your inner dialogue to support your goals and dreams.


GO FOR A FLOAT. Not an ice cream float--a whole-body float. Flotation tanks have been used by scientists, professional athletes and many other high performers to create instant relaxation. This is my personal favorite. For more information, visit


Give getting quiet a try. You have nothing to lose (but stress)...and a life-changing experience to gain--if you're listening.



Steve Siebold is co-founder of the Gove-Siebold Group, a training organization that helps networkers develop world-class communication skills.