Rob Hawthorne This is the best day of my life," says Rob Hawthorne with the excitement of a jockey crossing the finish line by a nose. The next day he repeats it with equal or greater enthusiasm: "This is the best day of my life!" No doubt about it, Rob is enjoying his days.

At 25 years of age and more than 25 corporate jobs and entrepreneurial business disasters, Rob Hawthorne has found his passion: helping young entrepreneurs learn from his abundant experiences and earn their freedom the sure way.

"Success in network marketing is out there for anyone who is willing to do the work and who realizes that it won't happen overnight," says Rob. "I never did find a way to get rich quick, but I'm having a blast getting rich slow."

The ride was not always so smooth. In the late '90s, at the age of 20, Rob had a $30,000 credit card debt and a history of dumping unfulfilling jobs as fast as cans of warm soda. Perhaps his biggest, baddest learning experience was from a "sure-thing," no-money-down, real estate investment.

"To make a long and painful story short, everything went wrong; repair bills piled up to a ceiling that was about to fall down. The real estate market went south and four other houses on the street went up for sale. We did end up selling the house, but I owed thousands of dollars I didn't have to another investor."

He tried everything.

"I had boxes and boxes of letters, video tapes, brochures, product samples, get-rich-quick schemes, mail order info, stock market info, how-to manuals for making money selling worms, ice melt, vitamins, potions, lotions, long distance, cars and college scholarships. I had information on eBay, Internet marketing, e-books, websites, domain names, wholesale products, real estate investing, hundreds of network marketing companies and everything else you could imagine. If there were a way to get rich quick, I would have found it!

"I was paralyzed by information overload. Before I knew it, years had gone by--and I wasn't taking action to accomplish my goals."


The one thing that kept Rob going in those harsh days of financial disaster and despair was listening to an audio version of Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich over and over in his 1988 Chevy Nova Hatchback.

"The car didn't even have a sound system, so I had to listen to the tapes on an old boom box I put on the passenger seat."

Rob had heard of network marketing, but didn't think he had the right personality to pursue it.

"I thought you needed to be very outgoing to be successful in this business. And my biggest fear, as FDR said, was fear itself: fear of failure, fear of success, and especially fear of what others would think about me because I was involved in network marketing."

The consummate researcher, Rob walked into a Barnes & Noble in August of 2002 looking for yet another solution to his situation and saw a copy of Networking Times.

"I'll never forget that day: August 15, 2002. I sat down in my $700 rented room with its two months overdue rent, read the magazine and Boom! Lightning struck."

With such clear evidence of so many people going from nothing to having successful network marketing ventures, he asked himself, why was he holding back?

"Why did I care what people might think? Did that bother me more than the fact that I was jobless, poor and was getting ready to move back home with my mom?"

Today, two years later, Rob is a proud, successful network marketer, earning four to five times what he earned as a sales executive for a Fortune 500 company. He no longer despairs about paying his rent, buying presents for his family, or going out with his friends. He is on fire, eager to teach other young entrepreneurs what he's learned from the school of hard knocks.

Rob's life lessons are plentiful and he shares them freely with others, hoping that they won't need to experience the same pain and frustration he did in order to learn from them.

"The network marketing business takes hard work, dedication, motivation and the right mindset to become successful.

"I am also fortunate to have a strong and supportive family; they kept me going during the tough times. Not everyone has that kind of support, and not everyone has that mindset. Not everyone will match what I've been able to accomplish, and some will exceed it. What's unfortunate is that so many let their fears inhibit them from reaching their true potential, both in business and in life. What I want to say to those people is, 'Have the fear, and do it anyway. Your life is worth it!' "

Rob's Lessons Learned the Hard Way

LESSON 1: Do Your Homework.

When investing in your own business, be sure to dig deep into the structure of the company. The home inspector we hired for our disastrous real estate investment failed to notice that the entire kitchen floor was rotting on the bottom, which created an unsafe environment and had to be replaced. When joining a network marketing company, be sure to look at the company's foundation and not just the walls around it.

LESSON 2: Keep Track of Your Finances.

Don't spend more than you have in the bank. From young adults in college raking up thousands of dollars in credit card debt to people in their 50s living off borrowed money, it's easy to get into big time debt. One word here: Don't!

LESSON 3: Get Out There and Go For It.

If you want to be successful, have freedom and truly enjoy your lifestyle, you may need to make some small changes or take massive action. There is never a "good time" to go for it. The time is right now. --RH