When it comes to accessing abundance in your business and life, taking action is imperative; that's undeniable. Without action, you will not be able to achieve the results you desire. But action alone is not enough. Many networkers are taking action--and are still not experiencing results they desire. Still others know the actions they need to take, yet they are inconsistent at taking them or even avoid taking them altogether.

When it comes to action, what many networkers neither recognize nor consciously incorporate into their business is the fact that it takes two types of action to access and experience abundance.


The Power of Direct Action

The first is what I call a "direct action." Direct actions are those that are directly connected to the desired results. In other words, you can logically see a cause-and-effect relationship between taking a specific action and achieving a specific result. Direct actions are the ones most people emphasize, or even over-emphasize, when it comes to building a business.

Let's look at some examples. If your goal (intended result) is to have a $5000 commission check, direct actions you take might include making prospecting calls, making follow-up calls, buying a leads list, and doing three-way calls with your downline.

You can see the direct cause-and-effect connection between these actions and achieving the desired result, yes? Now, let me ask you this: are these also the very same actions that overwhelm you? Are they the actions over which you procrastinate--or at the other extreme, that you force yourself to take so vigorously that you burn yourself out?

What would you think if, instead of making five, 10 or 20 phone calls one night, you took a hot bath, went for a walk or watched a movie instead? Would you feel guilty, think you're sabotaging your success, that you're not doing what you "should" be doing?

If you said, "Yes," I'm not surprised. Many networkers would--often for the simple reason that they are not aware of the second type of action required for them to access and experience abundance. This second and lesser-known type of action is what I call an "indirect action."


The Magic of Indirect Action

Indirect actions are the actions that to your logical mind have no connection with your desired results. With indirect actions, there is no direct or logical cause-and-effect relationship.

Indirect actions are those most frequently ignored, shuffled aside, neglected and forgotten by many networkers. These are the actions you may judge as "not important"--the ones you "don't have time for." Why not? Because you "have so much to do."

Ready for the truth? These indirect actions that you "don't have time for" are just as crucial to your success as the direct actions--if not more so!

Indirect actions keep your energy flowing powerfully, consistently and abundantly; they keep you empowered and relaxed. These are the actions that allow you to experience abundance while you're growing your business, and not just long after you've accomplished your goal.

Indirect actions are a critical element in your utilizing the Law of Attraction: they keep your energy "attractive" and make you a magnet for abundance.

Indirect actions keep your energy flowing abundantly and powerfully--and when they do, then the direct actions you take will produce far more powerful and abundant results.


Making Sense--and No Sense

Returning to the example of the $5000 commission check as the desired result: What types of indirect actions could you take (in combination with your direct actions) to support that goal?

One example might be to clean some or all of your office. (There's no logical, direct, cause-and-effect connection between cleaning your office and making $5000--agreed?)

Another example might be to get some exercise. (Again, notice the absence of any direct, cause-and-effect connection. Exercising and making $5000? No logic there!)

Another example: intentionally take off an evening or day from working your business to get a massage, facial or manicure. (I'm going to bet you really don't see any logical connection between not working and making more money!)

They make no sense--right? Yet, the only way you will be able to experience abundance both today and in the future is by incorporating both types of actions in your business action plan--every day!

Direct and indirect actions are like yin and yang: both must be present and balanced in order for you to experience wholeness and health, and this includes the "wholeness and health" of abundance!

Direct actions help you create results and generate more success. Indirect actions help you experience the success you already have. And the two work together to keep you balanced and make you a powerful attractor for that which you seek.

So: if you have been wired in the past to take only direct actions, the next step in your process is to begin adding more indirect actions into your life. On the other hand, if your pattern has been to take only indirect actions, it's time to balance those actions with direct actions every day.

Remember, it is the combination of both direct and indirect actions that will support and empower you to access abundance and experience abundance--today and in the future.

What direct and indirect actions will you take today?



TERESA ROMAIN is founder of Access Abundance, an organization dedicated to helping people access greater levels of abundance, freedom and fulfillment in their daily lives.