In China, I watched my post-Revolution mother work hard for jobs that demanded loyalty but offered no loyalty in return. In America, I've seen my husband's post-Depression parents do the exact same thing. These committed, loyal, hard workers finally retire, only to find their savings, Social Security and Medicare insufficient to support them in their twilight years.

I look at this and wonder, "Is this what my future will bring? How can I rely on a system that clearly isn't working and is spinning out of my control?"

Reading early issues of Networking Times inspired me to learn more about the industry of network marketing. Six months later, I joined a profession that provides me with leverage and a positive outlook to face my future. In addition, I feel more in control.

Network marketing creates an opportunity for self-reliance even as it provides a wonderful community without borders. People can pursue an education, even a job, but do so in the interest of truly developing something for themselves, and not just for the sake of entering the rat race.

Some predicted the Internet would close off individuals from a sense of community. Instead, this technological network has created and fostered a new era of interpersonal networking. This is sure to strengthen the world of network marketing as the mechanics of negotiating the Internet become a more readily accessible way of life for many.

Network marketing puts you on the front line to learn the most fundamental skills of living a meaningful life. In a traditional job, most people perform robotic tasks that do nothing to enhance and may even diminish those important skills. (Take a successful network marketer and a faithful corporate employee, have them switch places, and see who survives longer or adapts more quickly!)

Recently I came to know people who trade stocks at home for a living. A former grocery store manager turned $5000 into multiple millions in just six years. It made me stop and think. "Hey, they can sit at home, deal with one computer, and make all this return on their time and investment. Yet I have to go out and talk to strangers, facing rejection, frustration and more."

Was I tempted? Not one bit. Why not? Because in a successful network marketing business, I touch and change the lives of friends, family and even strangers! That makes me feel emotionally fulfilled.

Network marketing is filled with tomorrow's leaders making the best of their lives and the lives of others. They are people who help others get out of the rat race, people who introduce health and wellness solutions to those who are sick and tired of being sick and tired, people who bring hope to weary hearts.

I am still only in my 20s, and I am so glad that I took this most important life step and made this paradigm shift in my thinking. When I started, I told myself that I would retire at the age of 45. Now I don't want to stop until I rest in peace! n


IRENE (YUNCHI) ZHU is a 28-year-old network marketer who lives with her husband Dave Saunders in Nokesville, Virginia. She was born in China and has been living in the US for six years.