After spending ten thousand dollars a year for twelve years at one of the most prestigious college prep schools in the state of North Carolina, you're deferring college to build a network marketing business?!" My uncle was quite flabbergasted. I smiled confidently.

"Yes! It's going to help me make millions!"

I know that network marketing is the simplest and truest way to achieve the American Dream (big house, nice cars, financial and time freedom), and I am confident that before long, masses of others will feel the same.

Ten years ago, my father left the corporate rat race to achieve his goal of building a successful home business. Through this amazing profession, my father had the opportunity to spend quality time with our family for the first time in 17 years.

As a teenager my own goal became clear: get from point A (being a high school student working at a local restaurant) to point B (being a mature, successful businesswoman forever financially free!). I had already seen the potential of network marketing from a young age: I'd watched my father build his business from nothing to well over 10,000 people, and our vacations go from camping in our front yard to staying in tropical five-star resorts. Knowing the possibilities of this business, at 19 I created an intention to use network marketing as my vehicle to achieve my goals.

In the future more people will be making that same choice at a similarly young age.

Network marketing gives the average person a chance to create a multi-million dollar business without making a large capital investment. One can get started with as little as $500 to $1500--pocket change compared to franchise fees, which can cost anywhere from $10,000 to $2 million and even more.

In network marketing there are no entry-level requirements; anyone can succeed. All one needs is ambition and the willingness to do whatever it takes. Massive success can be found for anyone with enough drive and persistence toward their goals.

Most people don't recognize it, but they are implementing the fundamental action of network marketing every day when they recommend products and services to friends and family. They just aren't being paid for it. This profession gives hope and opportunity to the masses who want to create a new lifestyle. I believe that in the near future, every family will be distributing some product or service from their home. In the near future, buying from their friends and family will become people's first choice.

The opportunity of network marketing is becoming self-evident. The masses will get turned on to networking marketing; the question becomes, whose team will they be on, yours or mine?


CHRISTINA PETROVICK reached the highest leadership level of her first company at age 19. Now 21, she is developing her second business on a global basis.