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May 2004    
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Brian Tracy
Lead Story:
Brian Tracy

Dianna Booher
NT Interview:
Dianna Booher

Rita Davenport
Heart of Business:
Rita Davenport

Dale Brooks
Master Networker:
Dale Brooks

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The True Path to Financial Freedom
In the world of sales and personal achievement, there is probably no name more well known than that of Brian Tracy, author of The Psychology of Achievement and the definitive Goals! This issue Brian talks with us about vision and goals, the illusions of "get rich quick" and how people can best pursue the goal of financial freedom.

Would You Autograph Your Life?
As a young woman just finishing her first year as a school teacher, Dianna Booher asked herself a hard question:

A Present from a President
When she read a newspaper account of a woman who had been turned away from shelters and ended up stabbed to death by an abusive husband, Rita Davenport decided it was time to become a philanthropic activist.

The Teacher's Son
After decades of doing everything from computer programming to painting houses, Dale Brooks finally found a way to put to work the core values he learned from his parents.

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Acts of Kindness
After escaping an abusive alcoholic husband, Deborah Brewer
managed to carve out a life for herself and her two children--and ended up building a triumphantly successful career.

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The Crucial Missing Ingredient
For most of his life, Jeffrey Wayne Lewis felt without direction or goal; his life just didn't seem to come together. Then he discovered Buddhism, his partner Gailann Greene, and network marketing.

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