What Are Your Goals?

Networking Times has a goal: to be the essential companion for every professional network marketer. Is this a stretch? We hope so: all powerful goals are.


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Books no networker can afford to ignore • "Size does matter" • Trends and signs of these networking times • Quotations about goals.


Our Times

A panel of four guest editors on the question, "Why do goals work?"




Shannon Anima

Sometimes the greatest leadership emerges when an ambitious goal is set...and not quite reached. Shannon Anima tells the poignant story of setting a goal for her team, and the experiences they had in failing to clear the goalposts.



One, Two, Three, Goal!

Jim Donovan

Not long ago, Donovan decided to tone down his goals to make them more "realistic" in the face of today's economic climate. He ended up glum, unmotivated and sick--and set new goals! A primer on creating exciting goals that keep you motivated.


Forget About Your Results

Lisa Jimenez

Defining success in terms of your results and putting all your energy there can deflate your confidence, exhaust your power--and kill your business. There is one factor over which you do have control: your efforts. Shifting your attention away from your results and onto your efforts is an amazingly powerful strategy--and ultimately yields great results!



Why Goals Don't Work

Jack Zufelt

If writing down your goals and doing visualizations is the key to success, why don't more people succeed at their goals? Because, says Zufelt, the real power is not in goal-setting, but in "drilling down" inside your being to discover your core desires. Identifying core desires switches on the "conquering force" within, a force that will cause you to succeed against any and all obstacles.



Filled or Spilled?

Teresa Romain

We have the tendency to think more is better--that the dictionary is right when it says, "abundance" is having "more than enough." But is that right? Romain defines "abundance" as being "fully filled"--in other words, fulfilled. And, she says, in our attempts to pour more and more into our lives, by the very act of over-filling we may actually be cheating ourselves out of the fulfillment we already had.



The True Path to Financial Freedom

In the world of sales and personal achievement, there is probably no name more well known than that of Brian Tracy, author of a distinguished list of bestsellers, including The Psychology of Achievement and the definitive Goals! How To Get Everything You Want Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible. This issue we asked Brian to talk with us about vision and goals, the illusions of "get rich quick" and how people can best pursue the goal of financial freedom.



Would You Autograph Your Life?

As a young woman just finishing her first year as a school teacher, Dianna Booher asked herself a hard question: "What do you really want to do?" Today she is a best-selling author and one of the nation's most sought-after speakers and consultants, with a client list that includes such diverse giants as IBM, ExxonMobil, the U.S. Senate, Lockheed Martin, Verizon, Merrill Lynch and NASA. We recently spoke with Dianna about goals, life purpose and her most recent book, Your Signature LifeŽ.



A Present From a President

Rita Davenport is the exemplary person-to-person network marketing president; when one of her company's field reps promotes to a new title, she gets a personal phone call from Rita. (And no wonder: Rita came out of the field herself, going from signup to #1 distributor in her first six months.) But when she read a newspaper account of a woman who had been turned away from shelters and ended up stabbed to death by an abusive husband, she decided it was time to become a philanthropic activist.



Dale Brooks: Learning Core Values at an Early Age

As a child, Dale Brooks learned from his teacher parents a deep appreciation of the importance of learning and teaching. After decades of a varied career, from computer programming, to insurance, to painting houses in a collapsing Texas economy, Dale finally encountered a unique business model that put those core values and childhood skills to work.


Deborah Brewer: From Tragedy to Triumph

After barely managing to leave an abusive alcoholic husband who had repeatedly threatened her life, Deborah Brewer struck out on her own, carving out a life for herself and her two children--a life at the barest subsistence level, financially, but one rich in love. Borrowing the $350 it took to join her sister's new network marketing enterprise, Deborah went on to build a triumphantly successful career.



Jeffrey Wayne Lewis: The Crucial Missing Ingredient

For most of his life, Jeffrey Wayne Lewis felt without direction or goal; his life just didn't seem to come together. In his 30's, a new marriage and new business took Jeffrey into a surge of success--but within a few years, both marriage and business disintegrated as quickly as they'd come together. Finally, in his 40s, Jeffrey discovered Buddhism, his partner Gailann Greene, and network marketing.



The Cloud

Julie Abarzua

As Annie Hunter spends a long weekend in a hospital waiting room with her two sisters, she starts to gain perspective on how her life journey has brought her to where she is...and discovers feelings of anger and resentment she thought she'd long ago dealt with.



In Other Words...

Steve Siebold

With people's attention spans getting shorter all the time, you don't always have the luxury of conducting a full-blown presentation. Enter micro-presentation: a shortened version of a full presentation that focuses on getting the prospect's attention.



What About the Other 80 Percent?

Bob Burg

The majority of folks in our network organizations (the "wholesale consumers" and non-pro-
ducers) will usually hit a crucial turning point in their experience, where they will step up, or drop out. How you handle that turning point makes all the difference.


Myths of Selling

Hilton Johnson

From "You have to be pushy and aggressive" and "You have to be a good closer," to "Selling is no fun," sales master Hilton Johnson skewers some of the most basic classic assumptions about what it means to sell, and presents a skillful blueprint for mastering the essentials of successful salesmanship.


Your Internet Strategy

Irene Brooks

There is more to a successful web site than mastery of HTML and a generous display of eye candy. With seven thoughtful, penetrating questions, Brooks takes the reader through a process of self-assessment designed to make your web presence a powerful statement of your unique strengths and vision.


Lessons From a Master

Dawn Siebold

John Henry Patterson, the founder of National Cash Register, has been called the "Father of Professional Selling." From prepared, duplicable sales presentations to training sessions, Siebold illustrates the master's innovations in the field and how we can apply their lessons in our own businesses.



Be Careful What You Goal For

John David Mann

The classic fairy tale of the Fisherman's wife describes the clash between that part of us that knows how to be content in the moment, and that part that perpetually aspires to more. Mr. and Mrs. Fisherman did not have a particularly harmonious relationship. Perhaps within our own natures, we can achieve a more graceful balance--and happier outcomes.