WARNING: What you are about to read will shatter conventional self-help theories and techniques that well-meaning gurus and trainers have been telling you for the past 100 years! What they are teaching is either stunting or permanently destroying your chance to be successful.

The good news is that there is a way to achieve exactly what you want in your life, including more money and more time, once you learn and practice the truth about achievement.

Success is not "out there" in some technique or methodology. It is an inside job.

Here is the gist of it: If goal-setting, daily affirmations, self-help books, positive thinking, listening to motivational speakers and every other technique self-help gurus teach actually worked, then why aren't they working for the great majority who faithfully follow all these methods?

I have ample evidence that goal-setting not only is not a way to create success, but is actually a negative and self-destructive influence! Here is my proof:

Do you set goals? Do you write them down and read them, even frequently? Have you noticed that many, if not most, of these goals haven't happened? Why not? The gurus said that is what you must do to achieve success...but it's not. Yet you have achieved lots of things that you didn't write down--haven't you? If it takes a written goal to make something a reality, how did that happen?

"But He Was So Interesting!"

Have you ever listened to a motivational speaker? How long did you stay motivated? If it was for a short time, you're not alone. I ask audiences all around the world this question and always hear answers such as, "Two days," "Two weeks," "Until I got out of the parking lot," or "To the end of the tape." The only logical conclusion is that motivational speakers have no lasting impact, even if they are teaching powerful truths.

No one likes to be lied to; why is it okay to lie to yourself? It's not. So what are you doing when you say to yourself, over and over, that you weigh 125 pounds when you really weigh 175 pounds? Or, "I am out of debt," or "I own my home, free and clear," or "I earn $10,000 a month," when you don't. Have you recited daily affirmations, displayed them in conspicuous places so you could see them all the time? How many of them became reality? "None," most people tell me. They are a waste of time--maybe worse.

There are so many success gurus who claim their techniques will lead you out of the dry, hot desert of mediocrity and failure into the promised land of success. Set your goals and read them every day. Read this book every day. Do daily visualization; walk on hot coals; break the board--and you will achieve success.

It's simply not true.

(If all these techniques and formulas actually brought people the superstar success they're looking for, would they still be looking?)

Techniques are not what led them to success, and they won't lead you there, either. The promised oasis ends up being a shimmering, unattainable mirage.

One (And Only One) Ingredient Causes Success

There is one "key" to success; without this ingredient, success will forever elude those seeking it. "The truth will set you free"--but most people aren't free to achieve at the level possible because they do not know this truth.

We are all born with a God-given power to do, have or become whatever we want, an awesome power which I call your "conquering force." When this power is turned on, there is no obstacle that can hold you back. With this power turned off (which, for most people, it is nearly 100 percent of the time), there is no goal you can set, book you can read or affirmation you can recite that will get you one inch or second closer to success.

Unleash this force and you will be able to conquer any and every barrier you face. Success, utter and complete, will be a foregone conclusion, simply a matter of time.

But where's the switch that turns it on?

That switch is inside you: it is found in your genuine core desires. A core desire is something you want so badly that you will do whatever it takes, become whatever you must, to get it...no matter what! No matter how difficult, scary or expensive it is.

And therein lies an age-old problem.

What You Want

Over 70 years ago, Mark Twain said, "I can teach anybody how to get whatever they want out of life. The problem is that I can't find anybody who can tell me what they want."

Here's how an old Welsh proverb puts it: "The hand will not reach for what the heart does not long for."

You must learn how to drill down into the core of your heart and uncover your core desires; they are the switch to that unstoppable conquering force that resides within you. To discover your core desires, ask yourself these two questions and pay very close attention to the true feelings you experience as you do.

What would I like to have that I don't currently have?

This question starts the process--but the first answer people give is rarely accurate. That's alright. Just apply the second question.

If I had that, what would it give me that I don't currently have?

This question is the drill. After each answer, ask it again, and again, and again...until you hit pay dirt.

You will know you have drilled down to a core desire because it is always accompanied by an intense, sometimes poignant, emotional reaction. You'll know it when it happens.

Core desires are the only reason people succeed at anything. Master this and you will live a life full of joy and satisfaction in every area of your life.

JACK M. ZUFELT is a popular keynote speaker to Fortune 500 companies, a well-known trainer to the networking profession and author of the best-selling book, The DNA of Success. www.networkingtimes.com/link/zufelt