I'm so mad at myself!" she said as we began our coaching call. "I made a goal to get ten new clients last week and I only got three," she lamented.

The frustration in her voice was something I used to experience as well, until I came to a profound realization: Focusing on your results is dangerous.

How to Kill Your Business

Your results, from your efforts in selling or prospecting (or anything else, for that matter), are something over which you have very little control. Putting all your energy into results will deflate your confidence, exhaust your power--and kill your business.

I used to keep charts all over my office to fill in the names of the people who signed up for my business opportunity. Even after hours of prospecting or marketing efforts, I would feel defeated if I wasn't able to fill in all those spaces by the end of the week.

My definition of success was only based on results.

I was placing all my focus and energy on something over which I had very little control. Think about this for a moment: can you really make your prospect love your opportunity? Can you cause them to buy your product? No, not if you look at it honestly--you can't even begin to exercise that kind of power. You can do your best, help move them in that direction, provide them with a great opportunity and all the fuel they need to do those things...but make them?

You can lead a horse to water....

So why give so much power to an element you cannot control?

What you can do is show your prospects enough intriguing information, in a passionate way, consistently, that will help them make an educated decision. But the decision is out of your hands.

The One Thing You Do Control

However, there is one factor over which you do have control--complete control, in fact. That factor is your efforts.

You can decide how many people you will share your marketing plan with.

You have control over the quantity of marketing attempts you will make.

You have control over the number of no's you are willing to accept without giving up.

Embracing the law of averages was my first step in getting past the frustration I felt in selling and recruiting. I knew that if I shared my product with ten people, at least one would buy it. This was a fact I could count on; the law of averages never lies. If that's the case, I eventually reasoned, then why not focus on my ten (effort), and let the law worry about the one (result)?

Instead of focusing on your results, focus on your efforts. Decide how many new clients you want next month--then multiply that number by ten. That's the number of new prospects with whom you need to share your product.

The only factor you have complete control over is your efforts!

Free yourself up from trying so hard to convince, persuade, cajole and control your prospects. Let go of the results. Put your energy and power into your efforts and you will be a remarkable, unstoppable force. Your prospect will sense your unique and confident posture and will want what you have.

Think of how powerful you will be when you release what you don't have control over and fervently grasp what you do!

The only factor you have complete control over is your efforts!

What this takes is a shift in your mindset. Evaluate the goals you've set and discern whether they depend on your efforts or on your results. Instead of setting the goal of gaining five new business associates, set the goal of putting 50 new prospects into your recruiting pipeline. Instead of setting a goal of selling 100 widgets, set your goal to put your widget in front of 10,000 new prospects.

The incredible success I and my coaching clients have had since we shifted our attention to efforts rather than results has been nothing short of amazing; it will be the same for you.

Release the results, focus on the efforts.

When you discipline your mind to focus on your efforts and stop pushing on your results, the results will respond by taking care of themselves.

The only factor you have complete control over is your efforts! And your efforts are all you need to get the incredible results you desire. n

LISA JIMeNEZ is a veteran network marketing leader; her Conquer Fear! collection is available at www.networkingtimes.com/link/jimenez