My dad used to have a little sign on his desk that said, "Maximize your results. Minimize your effort." It's a great philosophy, especially for those who have a goal to work less and enjoy more. And it can be highly practical for a network marketer, since it's all about leverage. You just have to be willing to write down your goals and pay the price necessary to achieve them

I'm sure you've been told to write down your goals about a million times. (In fact, you probably even have that written down some place...where you purposely can't find it.) But let's face it: writing down goals takes thinking and planning, and that equates to a little bit of extra work. Perhaps that's why the overwhelming majority of people never write down their goals. But they should. Practically every successful person on the planet insists that this is one of the true cornerstones of achieving your dreams. "Get it in writing" is the first step you need to get leverage on yourself.

Now, you may get motivated to "do the write stuff" simply by asking what not writing down your goals is costing you. Is it costing you your potential lifestyle, time freedom, family experiences, or any one of your deepest dreams and desires? If so, you can use that possible loss as a driving force to finally cause you to take action.

If the potential rewards don't prod you to pick up a pen and paper, perhaps the inevitable punishment resulting from not writing down your goals will. "What punishment," you ask? I view as punishment anything or anyone you have to put up with because you haven't achieved your goals. It might be a boss who doesn't appreciate you, low pay, long hours, a lousy two-week vacation, a co-worker with body odor issues, or a dead end job that you hate. For most people, the list of punishments they'll put up with daily is a lot longer than the list of goals they have avoided writing.

Once you have committed your goals to paper, master motivator Jim Rohn says the next step is to determine your "why": your why is more important than your how. Determine why you want to achieve each item on your list, whether it's spending more time with your family, providing for your children's future or just living life on your own time and terms. Once your internal motivation is locked in place, chances are you will do the extra things successful people are willing to do (and unsuccessful people are not) to achieve them.

After you write down your goals and determine your why, set a date to accomplish them--then work backwards, mapping out everything you need to do the month before that date, then the month before that, and the month before, right back to the present.

This "back to the future" approach will give you an accurate success map you can use to monitor your progress regularly to see if you're on track.n

B.K. BOREYKO is a second-generation network marketer and CEO of a network marketing company.